Traffic Rider Mobile App Review

Take control of the wheel of a motorcycle when you download Traffic Rider. You'll be able to choose the bike that you want, changing to a different one once you understand how to control the vehicle on the road. Complete challenges, and try to avoid traffic to become a safe driver.

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About Traffic Rider

One of the things that you’ll notice about Traffic Rider is how detailed the graphics are. You would think that you’re really driving in traffic because of the sounds and the features of each vehicle. The gloves on the handlebars of the bike you control are realistic as well as the music that is playing while you’re driving. The scenery has a realistic appearance, such as the trains on the railroads and the trees on the sides of the roads.

There is an endless driving mode as well as a career mode that you can choose from. In the career mode, you’re tasked with completing different jobs in exchange for money. You can then use that money to buy new bikes or upgrade the ones that you have. There are different states you can visit while playing Traffic Rider and different weather conditions to drive in including rain and light snow. You’ll need to be able to pay attention to the other drivers so that you don’t get involved in an accident, stopping at city lights and intersections. Sometimes, you’ll need to wait for traffic to clear because of other accidents that have occurred.


  • Drive in first-person view
  • Scenery highly detailed
  • Sound effects are realistic
  • Dozens of missions to complete
  • Drive endlessly for fun


  • Fun adventure for all drivers
  • Earn money from challenges to update your bike
  • Feel like you’re on the open road


  • Some challenges don’t pay a lot
  • Can become boring after reaching a certain point


If you enjoy driving, then this game is one that you’ll likely enjoy. You get a viewpoint of being on a bike instead of being in a car or a truck. Sounds are realistic from the horns honking to the motor of the bike. Challenges that you complete are fun and exciting, but after you’ve played the game once or twice, it can become boring. An advantage that you have in the game is that there isn’t a timer unless you choose a challenge that includes one. There isn’t a fuel limit while you’re driving in most conditions, which means that you can drive as long as you want without stopping.


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