Top Boat Racing Mobile App Review

Top Boat racing app is a drag boat racing game for your mobile device. Starting from the ground up as a racer in the professional drag boat circuit, your character competes to be the best.

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Mobile App Review for Top Boat: Racing Simulator

Once you download Top Boat you are given a short tutorial on how to play. The controls are very simple; you have tap the screen to rev the gas pedal to the right RPMs to have the fastest start. After your boat is racing the only thing you have to do is shift when your RPM meter gets in the green.

After a few races, the competition will steepen, and you will need to upgrade parts on your boat like the clutch, propeller, engine, fuel filter, NOS, etc. so that you have a machine capable of winning. However, if you don’t have what it takes mechanically, the game will tell you and you will end up caught in a humbling experience by losing the next race. Keep gaining sponsors and levels in order to make it to the top! This game is a free boat racing simulator that will get your heart racing all the way to the finish line.


  • Drag boat racing game for your mobile device
  • Gain sponsors and win races to advance through all the levels
  • Customize your boat with all the components and colors you like

Lined up side by side to another racer, the ultimate goal is to win the championship and become the best boat racer on the circuit.


  • Cool graphics
  • Great music
  • Accurate and achievable engine components and animation

The music sets the vibe in the Top Boat racing app. For a free boat racing simulator, the graphics are great and the developers did a good job with game advancements.


  • Overly simple
  • No online game mode

The game seems to be a bit redundant after playing through a few races, especially since there is no gas pedal and you’re just shifting the boat.

Great Game for Drag Race Lovers

If you are a lover of accurate shifting and going fast then this will be a fun game for you to enjoy when you aren’t racing in real life. Go to the app store and download Top Boat to find out if the app is for you or not. There’s nothing to lose but the race!


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