Racing Fever: Moto Mobile App Review

Racing Fever: Moto is a motorcycle racing game for your mobile device where the objective is to drive as fast as you can and avoid traffic to get the highest score possible through a series of challenges.

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Mobile App Review for Racing Fever: Moto

The controls to the Racing Fever app are simple and straightforward. There is a button on the right side of the screen that is the throttle, and a button on the left side of the screen for the brakes. To steer the moto you must tilt your phone from side to side. The screen view can be changed by pressing on the camera symbol on the right side.

You will start on your first racing circuit in the Town Suburbs level and race until you reach the final levels against the Fire Wolf Riders. There is also a mission mode in the game where you are challenged to complete missions like ‘near missing’ a bus at high speeds. Once you get to level nine you can unlock multiplayer mode where you can invite friends to play and square off against international opponents. Spend coins to enhance your bike performance and buy new bikes to help give you a better chance against the increasingly difficult competition.


  • Moto racing game
  • Complete missions, challenges and races to win coins
  • Challenge other gamers in multiplayer mode
  • Enhance your performance and buy new bikes with coins
  • Freeride mode
  • Police mode

Raise your racing attributes to the next level every time you win a race or complete a mission.


  • Good graphics
  • Plenty of game features
  • Responsive controls

Download Racing Fever Moto and you will discover that there are some great features in this game. The graphics are realistic, controls are accurate to those of a motorcycle, and the gyroscopic steering also puts the Racing Fever Moto app on the next level of enjoyment.


  • No curvy roads
  • Ads

The game is slightly redundant because the road never curves; this is a free download so it has ads, however, they aren’t so bad in this particular game.

Download Racing Fever Moto to Raise Temps

Racing Fever Moto is a fun racing app. Anytime you have a free minute and want to be entertained by your cellular device from something other than social media or reading, this is a go-to source. Two thumbs up to the producers from Gameguru for producing a quality game that also doesn’t kill you with ads. Racing lovers of all ages will enjoy playing the Racing Fever Moto app because when you play the game it feels like you are speeding through traffic on a motorcycle.


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