Racing Fever Mobile App Review

Racing Fever is a street racing game for your mobile device where you can play offline mode driving on one or two-lane highways, or square off against opponents in an online race to the finish line.

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Mobile App Review for Racing Fever

With great graphics and addicting gameplay options, the choice to download Racing Fever is a no brainer; it’s a definite yes. The game controls are just like what you might imagine from a car racing game. The gas pedal is located on the bottom right-hand corner of the screen, the brake pedal on the bottom left. You will also find a NOS button on the right and a slow-motion button on the left. You can switch between camera views to change between your preferred vision while driving in the game.

In single-player mode, the objective is to drive as fast as you can through traffic without crashing. Once you crash, you have to start over. The longer you make it through the game at high speeds, however, the more coins you earn to enhance your vehicle and make bets in arena mode, which is online. In arena mode, you are paired up with an opponent, and you each bet a certain number of coins to enter the race. Winner then takes home the money. There are also options to purchase different features like new cars and extra coins.


  • Street racing game with 3D graphics
  • Drive through traffic as fast as you can without crashing
  • Win coins and challenge other friends and international opponents to race

Hit the gas pedal and earn coins with this realistic street racing game that will give you an adrenaline rush while you weave in and out of traffic hitting the NOS button.


  • Great graphics
  • Coins are actually relevant
  • Addicting to play

Lots of good to be said about this app. Just like most games that you download on your cell phone, the Racing Fever app incorporates a coin system where you win or lose coins after each race. Unlike most games, however, you can use the currency to bet other racers and enhance the performance of your vehicle. You aren’t going to want to put this game down once you start playing.


  • No curvy roads
  • No cop chase
  • Ads

There isn’t anything bad about the Race Fever app. A few suggestions for the developers would be to incorporate curvy roads and cop chases to spice things up a bit. The ads in this app aren’t so bad on the free version, but they are still there.

The Racing Fever App Is a Win

This game is two thumbs up for having great graphics, gameplay, and great online options. Download Racing Fever and you will have no other reason to download another racing game onto your device.


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