PAKO 2 Mobile App Review

If you are a fan of Pako then you are going to love part two. This has much more action and you get to be chased in more scenes than the first. It’s all about the excitement and love for the game that will keep you coming back.






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App Description

When looking at Pako 2, you can that some improvements have been made. The app has a woodsy background with a yellow van that has brown stripes on the side. As you open the app, you will notice that there are several things you can do to make the car chase more fun. This time, you get to have a crew and fill up your garage with an assortment of vehicles. Also, there is money involved every time you get them to a safe location. This means you are helping in the realm of robbing banks and other heists as the getaway driver. This why the chase is so thrilling, you now have a reason for it, and it makes the game even better to play.

Pako 2 has more challenging levels with a chase that happens even in a mountainous region. It’s good that they have added money to this challenge because it helps when making the purchases you need. Of course, this does not replace the real money you need for the in-app purchases but it helps.

App Features

Just like in the first part, when you download Pako 2, the action jumps off pretty fast. You are going to love the features because you get things that help to make the car chase even better than before. All of this includes:

  • Easy controls and advanced controls
  • Picking up your crew and getting them to a safe location
  • You get levels that have plenty of details
  • You get drive-by shooting scenes
  • There are plenty of cars to buy
  • You now have weapons and other perks
  • Another fantastic soundtrack by DKSTR
  • New leaderboards to stay competitive
  • Plenty of achievements

Pros And Cons

When you download Pako 2, you will see that there is a lot to love about this app. You get some distinct features that keep you challenged. The likes and dislikes may include:


  • You get to enjoy buying more cars for your garage
  • It’s a thrill to be a getaway driver for a bank heist
  • It’s not just you being chased but your whole crew
  • There is money involved at every level
  • You can use that simulated money to purchase what you need in most instances
  • More fantastic locations
  • The game is a bit more challenging


  • You do have to make an in-app purchase just to get rid of the ads

Downloading The App

After you download Pako 2, you will see the benefits of having this app. This will help you with your boredom and keep you occupied. You can enjoy a nice game anywhere because it’s on your mobile. Being able to have more than one vehicle for your car chases is very important because you have a crew. Also, the chases are more challenging because there is an official purpose. Download the game now and enjoy everything that is so appealing. You are going to have so much fun.


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