Need for Speed No Limits Mobile App Review

Need for Speed No Limits is a video game that was developed by FireMonkeys Studios and published by Electronic Arts. It's a free racing video game and the first in the long-running series to appear on mobile devices. People can download Need for Speed No Limits on iOS and Android devices.

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The races in Need for Speed No Limits are short and sweet. Most of them can be completed in under a minute. It starts as an easy game but, as you get better, so does the artificial intelligence controlling other cars. As you play, you unlock more cars and customization options. This game freely hands out awards for completing races. Every eight minutes you get a free crate of goodies inside such as cash, parts, or a car blueprint. Your car has 10 fuel cells and each race uses up either one or two of them. The fuel cells refill when you can a level which occurs regularly.

The controls are responsive to your touch, and you use them to steer, speed up, slow down, drift, and boost using NOS. Like prior games in the series, you can also get into police chases. These races are mainly about avoiding obstacles and getting away from the police. The formula of this game is to have a good race, upgrade your ride, and then repeat. You earn currency that you can spend on visual upgrades of cars in your garage. Thankfully, it generously offers awards so you’re never far from your next upgrade.


  • Great controls
  • Regular awards for doing well
  • A large lineup of cars
  • Over 1,000 races to compete in
  • Plentiful customization options

Pros and Cons


  • Can be played in quick bursts or longer periods of time
  • Game rewards you for doing well
  • Plenty of fun cars to choose from
  • Responsive controls


  • The graphics are just average
  • No option to go on long races
  • It’s not a very challenging game


People should download Need for Speed No Limits if they are looking for a fun mobile car-racing game that can be played in short bursts. It offers lots of different content that is generously given to players. The main career mode is worth the download just by itself because you do challenges across the city, upgrade your cars, and even customize them. You later gain access to a large number of different car classes. There is much more content in this game than there is in other mobile car racing games.


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