Moto X3M Bike Race Game Mobile App Review

This is a dirtbike trial game where the objective is to navigate your character to the end of the course without crashing. With simple controls and classic style, Moto X3M focuses less on detail in the graphics and more about unique gameplay features.

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Mobile App Review For Moto X3M

Riding on a cool 2-stroke sounding motorcycle, your character starts out riding on a beach course with some cool music to set the vibe. After a few runs on the beach, the character ends up in some enclosed areas that are harder to navigate through with such a quick little motorcycle.

When it comes to the controls, they’re pretty simple; there are two sets of right and left arrows on each side of the screen. Using the arrows on the left side of the screen allows your character to lean forward and also backward. The arrows on the right side accelerate and stop the motorcycle. The features that your character has to ride over and through on this game are different than other bike racing games. On Moto X3M you are always crashing into something, landing on a truck that moves you to another place, or running into obstacles like gear sets that are spinning around. The ads in the game are also distinguishing as they are made up of other mini-games like a Bottle Jump 3D. Download Moto X3M for yourself to learn more.


  • Classic style bike race game with unique aspects
  • Educational ads
  • Fast Motorcycle

This game is similar to other bike racer games but different in certain ways that make it fun to play and keep you on the edge of your seat!


  • Fast Motorcycle
  • Educational Ads
  • Fun riding features

The vibe of the game is cool. Other racing games that are similar don’t use things like explosions and interactive obstacles like this game. The producers of this game did something different that is good, which is to put math problems where the ads are supposed to be in certain spots.


  • Ads can be confusing
  • Poor graphics quality
  • Over-the-top in-app purchases

The producers sacrificed graphics qualities for game interactions. Maybe the next version will be more enhanced and less pixelated. Riding on the jet bike might seem cool, however, it’s expensive to acquire it.

Really Fun Motorcycle Racing Game

If you want to have fun on your cell phone then you should download the Moto X3M. Because the courses are more like puzzles, the Moto X3M app puts your brain to work in finding the right solution to complete the course.


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