Hill Climb Racing Mobile App Review

Get ready for all the action you can handle in a game that is exciting and daring to play. Race up hills to try to go the distance. Hill Climb Racing is one of those games where you can perform daredevil moves and drive as fast as you can.

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Mobile App Review for Hill Climb Racing

You are challenged to drive through each course, performing insane moves and tricks. Collect coins as you make it further and further. Be sure to take the gas cans each time you see one, do not let your tank run dry.

There are dozens of courses, all are going to challenge your skills. You can drive through the desert, across snow and ice, even travel across the moon. Watch your driving, if you go to fast, you could flip and lose a life when you land on your neck. Land upright in order to receive extra coins for great performance and mastery of the trick moves.

In a thrilling car racing game, you have the course all to yourself, but there will be some obstacles in your way, look out for those. One wrong move and you are done for. When you find you cannot make a whole course, use your coins to upgrade your vehicle. You can improve all aspects such as a bigger gas tank, add stability to your machine, change your tires or improve your engine. You also have the ability to change which vehicle you are using.

Hill Climb Racing also offers you daily challenges to complete. These tasks will allow you to earn more coins to make improvements to your vehicles. You will be glad that you did download Hill Climb Racing.


  • There are dozens of different vehicles to choose from, cabriolet, ambulance, unicycle or firetruck to name a few.
  • Gas cans are available throughout the courses so you can refuel.
  • There are over two dozen different courses, with varying terrains that will keep you watchful.
  • The vehicles can do flips and other maneuvers along the tracks.
  • Coins are gathered as you drive each course, save them for any improvements you make to your vehicles.

Pros and Cons


  • You have the choice of vehicles as you progress through the courses.
  • Coins will help you with changes made to vehicles.
  • The courses and terrains are different and also prevent boredom.
  • There are 2D physics and colorful graphics.


  • You run out of gas quickly if you miss collecting the gas cans, however.
  • Doing extreme maneuvers does use gas faster and are difficult to land

If like me, you enjoy the thrill of fast driving and challenging roads, you should download Hill Climb Racing. This car game gives you the thrills of racing and driving dangerously. It all builds up the adrenaline as you move from course to course.


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