Hill Climb Racing 2 Mobile App Review

Hill Climb Racing from Fingersoft Ltd. is back with a fresh new release. Hill Climb Racing 2, the sequel to the original racing game, claims to keep the original feel of the game intact while adding new features for maximum playability.

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Become The King Of The Hill With This Mobile Racing Sequel

In Hill Climb Racing 2, you not only have more cars to choose from, but you have a lot more possible upgrades to consider for souping up the extended lineup of racecars in the game. This version keeps the wide variety of racing terrains that made Hill Climb Racing famous. The second version also offers some additional tracks for maximum fun.

You can dominate the online mobile leaderboards by perfecting your hill racing skills in competition. However, you can also compete for the high score in your circle of friends. The choice is yours, but whichever route you choose, you can enjoy a souped-up version of the original gameplay engine.


  • Expanded Upgrade Options – Build your dream racing vehicle with more than 12 customizable parts. From battle-ready tires to different grill plates, put all of the pieces together to dominate the track.
  • Fresh Multiplayer Challenges Every Week – With weekly series of multiplayer racing events, you can find competitors from all over the world. All you need is to download Hill Climb Racing 2, and you’re ready to be a part of the action.
  • Race Through Dirt Roads & Snow-Capped Mountains – With an incredible variety of tracks to choose from, you can sharpen your racing skills in every imaginable condition.
  • One Size Fits All Graphics Compatibility – Unlike other games that demand the latest hardware to work properly, this game is designed to run smoothly on both low-resolution and high-resolution mobile graphics cards.


  • This version keeps the same entertaining premise as the first version. Beat your friends to the top of the hill and gain bragging rights galore.
  • With so many different cars and vehicle part upgrades to choose from, you never run out of things to combine. There are at least 14 easily accessible vehicle parts to upgrade. When you consider the number of cars that you can race with, you may find the possibilities feel endless.
  • Being the sequel to the already popular Hill Climb Racing 1 game, there are plenty of users in the player pool to compete with.


  • Some people prefer a more advanced graphics engine to what this game has to offer. The game is programmed to be compatible with all kinds of mobile devices. However, you might wonder why there aren’t things three-dimensional environments in any of the racing levels.
  • Upgrading options to change out your racecar’s parts to improve them can be time-consuming. It’s necessary to upgrade your car in order to be competitive in the multiplayer pools.

Closing Thoughts On This Mobile Racing Game

You may be able to find some racing games with better graphics, but you can always count on this app to deliver racing gameplay that is both simple and entertaining. Since there is no charge to try the app, making the decision to download Hill Climb Racing 2 is definitely a risk-free choice.


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