Fun Run 3 Mobile App Review

When it comes to having fun on mobile gaming, the Fun Run (F.R.) series is not surprisingly one of the most popular options. With over 100 million users constantly playing the various versions of this game, it's safe to say that the company behind this app is doing something right.

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An Entertaining Mobile Footrace Game

Fun Run 3 occupies a unique place in the F.R. ecosystem. This game promises to provide you with a lot of laughs to go along with its advanced gameplay engine. To play this game, you’ll need to pick an animated character and race on foot against other mobile users. As you win more races, you’ll be able to upgrade your character’s ability with some rather unconventional power-ups. Should the power-ups fail to win you your next race, you can alter your character’s fashion sense to distract your competition in all kinds of hilarious ways.

It’s free to download Fun Run 3, and the game offers lots of interactive entertainment on your mobile device.


  • Navigate Treacherous Obstacles Against Real Opponents
  • Crush The Competition In Arena Mode – Issue a multiplayer challenge for up to 8 of your opponents in order to compete in a fierce elimination battle with Arena Mode.
  • Collaborate With Friends To Form A Live Clan – Round up several of your friends into a living, breathing clan to compete against other teams, clans, and groups. Clan mode now features a special 2-on-2 Battle Mode. You won’t need a lot of people to get a game going right away.
  • Manage Your Creature’s Wardrobe With Some Rather Entertaining Fashion Choices – Dress your creature in style with an extensive collection of swaggy fashion accessories. Your choices include flamboyant hats, eccentric boots, and conspicuous sunglasses to help your creature stand out from the crowd.
  • Upgrade Your Creature’s Abilities With A New Collection Of Power-Ups – With more than 25 new power-ups to choose from, you’ll never be at a loss for how to annihilate the competition.


  • The gameplay is fun and exciting. Whether you’re playing against a group of your friends or you’re competing with a bunch of people you don’t know, this gaming app will never get boring.
  • As the third version in the Fun Run series, this release features some pretty serious upgrades to the graphics and gameplay controls. It’s easier than ever to control your creature from your mobile device.
  • Clan mode is always entertaining for any mobile game, but it’s exceptionally well-designed in Fun Run 3.
  • All of the fashion accessories are quite humorous, to say the least. You can dress your character in all kinds of combinations to distract your competition.
  • Unlike mobile games that are strictly pay-for-play, it’s free to download Fun Run 3.


  • Being an exclusively multiplayer game, you’ll always need an active and stable internet connection to play this game.
  • There can be a slight learning curve before you understand how the gameplay works.
  • This is one of several games in a series, so the developers may not release an update for a while. If you find bugs in the game, you may be stuck with them for some time to come.


Fun Run 3 is an entertaining spin on a well-respected series of mobile multiplayer games. Should you choose to download Fun Run 3, you might find yourself addicted to the endless entertainment that this game can provide.


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