Fun Race Mobile App Review

Fun Race is a simple game for your mobile device that involves your character competing against other characters to make it to the end of a running course. The first opponent to the end of the obstacle course wins.

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Mobile App Review for Fun Race

Available on or offline, the controls to fun race are extremely simple. Press down on the touch screen to make your character run, and let off when you want the character to stop. As you advance through levels your character will have to dodge boxing gloves, spinning rods, and more in order to avoid being eliminated from the level. As you advance through levels the difficulty increases and the timing has to be perfect to make it to the finish line. With a combination of climbing, zip-lining and being multiplied into three characters when your character makes it to the end, your character will display the happiness of success by doing a happy little dance. Earning coins and unlocking chests is the name of the game. This is a game that is friendly for all ages and great for motor skill development. Download the Fun Race app and start competing!


  • Race opponents through obstacles in order to the finish line
  • Unlock chests as well as earn coin along the way
  • Enhance the experience by sharing with friends

The Fun Race app is super straightforward and easy to understand. Featuring graphics that are super simple, your character is like an advanced version of a stick figure. You will see both you and your opponent appear on a sort of map at the top of the screen to give you a point of reference on where the start and end of the course is.


  • Great difficulty levels and increase
  • Fun puzzle-like qualities
  • Simple and entertaining

Every new level tests your ability more and more with fun new obstacles to run through, creating an entertaining atmosphere that will catch the eye of the person sitting next to you and make them want to play too.


  • Too many ads
  • Only one control

The downside to this game is that you are always trying to figure out how to get through the ads. Some people might find this game slightly boring because it has only one active control, however.

Download Fun Race for a Fun Time

Fun Race is a recommended download as it is a flexible game that works even if you’re not online. Given the fact that there aren’t really any potential accidental ‘click to purchase’ mimics on Fun Race, you can worry less about accidentally buying something and more on surviving through the game.


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