Earn to Die 2 Mobile App Review

You find yourself in the year 2040, and zombies are running amok in the world's largest cities. Armed with nothing more than your trusty car, you must navigate to the other side of the globe and find the last evacuation vehicle left. That's easier said than done, though, because the zombies are standing in your way.

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Do You Have What It Takes To Escape The Zombie Apocalypse?

This is the premise of Earn To Die 2, the latest adventure game from Toffee Studios.

In short, Earn To Die 2 is a thrilling zombie apocalypse game that combines the side-scrolling action of a mobile racing app with the engaging storyline of a more traditional horror game. As the sequel to the original Earn To Die mobile game, Earn To Die 2 features a completely different environment, a much longer plot, and new vehicles for you to drive.

This game is free to try, and you can download Earn To Die 2 for either Android or iOS.


  • Completely New Level Structures – Unlike the original Earn To Die, the Earn To Die 2 app features multi-tiered levels that make the gameplay much more interesting. You drive up buildings, pound down walls, and burrow deep into the ground to escape crazy zombies as they chase you all over the game.
  • Story Mode – With a totally new plotline, Earn To Die 2 features over five times as many levels as the first Earn To Die game. Get ready for even more exciting gameplay and a whole lot more variation.
  • New Vehicles To Choose From – It can be hard work to avoid zombies, but you can also choose to ride over them in style. Choose from new vehicle options that include an ice-cream truck, a fire truck, a convertible car, and more. Every car has its own weapons and capabilities, so make sure you have the best vehicle for the job.


  • This side-scrolling game gives you tons of fast-paced action and way more levels to play than the original release. Earn To Die 2 also has a very entertaining plotline, and the characters are quite unique.
  • The racing features in this version are a lot more realistic than the first Earn To Die. In this version, your car can take minor damage without completely disintegrating. However, it can also progressively degenerate if you don’t make the proper upgrades.
  • It’s totally free to play the Earn To Die 2 app, and the game is also very gentle on your mobile operating system. The Earn To Die 2 app doesn’t take up a lot of space, and it’s available on most devices.
  • Even though the app uses ads to create revenue, there are a lot fewer ads than other games. The ads that you see aren’t as intrusive as some of this game’s competitors.


  • The audio and the soundtrack are both pretty tinny. The graphics in this game are acceptable, but the sound leaves a lot to be desired.
  • The steering controls in this version are a lot better, but certain racing moves are not.


Earn To Die 2 is a unique twist on traditional zombie games, and the app is definitely worth a try. To download Earn To Die 2, visit your iOS or Android app store today.


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