CSR Racing Mobile App Review

Racecar fanatics are constantly learning about how to find the fastest car out there. Whether that fanatic is a racecar driver or builds engines, they are always looking for races with the fastest cars. CSR racing is a mobile app available on both Android and iOS devices that allows users to create a campaign and race their way to the top to beat the best in the world. With performance upgrades and other forms of customization, the user is able to create their best version of the car of their dreams.

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CSR Racing

CSR Racing is a mobile application that connects users to other race fanatics around the world in order to race their way to the top. When you first download CSR racing, the user is able to choose from a beginner car that they have to use at first. While racing, the user is able to win money to enhance the features of the car that they race with and they can also win cars from certain races. As the user travels through the town’s racing people, they also run into crews that have to be beaten in order to advance to the next level. Within these crews, there is a boss at the end race that the user has to beat in order to move on to other races. Live users are able to sign in and race, and you can also win money from that race.

App Features

– Vehicle customization

– Contests

– Personal Car Garage

– Crew Creations

– Engine Specialization

– Live Races

– App Stages

– Quick races to win quick money

– Daily prizes for using the app

– Special sound effects

– Full HD experience for HD compatible devices

Pros of App

– Ability to play against actual players around the world

– Winning an immense amount of money

– Notoriety amongst the virtual gaming world

– Personalized customization of vehicles

– Gain experience against expert drivers

– Win prizes daily

Cons of App

– Some boss levels are extremely difficult

– Have to spend lots of money to enhance the car engine in order to pass certain levels

– Some cars are very pricy

– A lot of ads.

– You have to download CSR racing over Wi-Fi connection because the file is too large to download over cellular network.

For the car fanatics out there that love the thrill of watching races and competing against others, this may be the right game for you. For those that also have a passion for engine building and racing against the best in the country, you may want to try to get some more hands-on experience. Yes, this game goes into specialization and gives details on performance-enhancing, but a true fanatic with years of experience may see this as a stretch of the imagination. The game has many complex levels and one can easily become addicted once you notice the real money starts to come in and your car becomes one of the fastest out there.


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