Zumbla Deluxe Mobile App Review

It’s about time you got a new game that’s both fun and unique to play. Zumbla now has a brand new deluxe version that is even more addictive than its predecessor. You will come to love it too because it’s more of a challenge than the first one.

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App Description

Except for the creature that shoots at the marbles, the other items in Zumbla are very much the same. You still get the thrills and excitement for playing this game as you did the first one. The creature that’s shooting at the marbles is a different color frog but you even get the same concept of what the game is about. There are new ghosts as well. The app is colorful and when you look for it, marbles are surrounding the newly colored creature. However, when you open it up, you can help yourself to as many games and levels available for your enjoyment. It may be different from other games you have on your devices, but it’s a very good game to have when you bored with the others.

Zumbla offers a chance to break away from the other mundane games and uniquely do things to catch your attention. Having a gray frog shoot marbles with the blasts coming from his mouth is a way to do it.

App Features

When you download Zumbla Deluxe, you will find that it has some very nice features attached to it. These features will come in handy to get you to the next level. They include:

  • Creating combos of deluded boosters to ugly more power
  • You don’t necessarily need WIFI to play this game
  • There are new weapons and props you should use for this game
  • You can destroy ice blocks with a fireball

Pros And Cons

If you loved the first game, then you can download Zumbla Deluxe because this one is even better. There is plenty to enjoy, and when you explore the app for yourself and lay a few levels, you will get to everything that makes this game worth your time. However, the pros and cons do include:


  • Huge levels
  • Secret levels
  • You don’t need WIFI
  • You won’t be able to look at the first game the same again
  • Plenty of power-ups
  • There are levels you have to play
  • Mysterious gestures to get


• You can unlock most features unless you are connected to the internet
• There are in-app purchase you may have to get for the game

Downloading The App

You need to download Zumbla Deluxe if you are looking for a more challenging game. It offers more levels and more daring weapons along with great power-ups. This is the time to sit down and enjoy a game to get the feel of it, and once you find that it’s just as amusing as the first one, you will not stop playing it. No longer are you bored with nothing to do. Now that you know that about this new game, hit that install button to download it today. A new adventure awaits you as you destroy every marble you can.


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