Zumbla Classic Mobile App Review

If you are looking for games with ghosts and other types of creatures, you may be in luck. Zumbla is the game for you. It has a mixture of different creatures with weapons and you will have plenty of fun laying this game. It’s good to try different games.

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App Description

The Zumbla Classic app has a lot of cool elements on it that shows you what it has on the inside. There are some very interesting creatures as well as objects and plant life that decorate this app. When you open it up, the app gets even better. The graphics are wonderful and there are several different scenes with plenty of action. This game is for everyone to play and it’s about matching marbles. You have to get a set of at least three of the same color. Also, you want to get three stars for every level you beat. Zumbla offers endless fun on those days that you get bored and just want to try something different.

The Zumbla app will not disappoint you. When you have the best color graphics and your game is action-packed, you are looking at a way to play more. Because there is so much involved in this app, you might take time to get familiar with it before you play. You want to make sure you have it good when it comes to matching up those colors.

App Features

The Zumbla Classic app has some great features that will get you through the game. You are going to love them all because they benefit the type of player you are. Let’s look at what these features consist of:

  • You will find that there are two game modes
  • You will be able to see all 1,000 levels if you get through
  • Secret maps
  • Magic props
  • Challenge mode

As you can see, these are the features that will have you sitting for hours and playing this as if you are addicted to it.

Pros And Cons

When you download Zumbla game and begin to explore it, you may find that you love the game. However, there may be things in the app that might raise concern. That list would include:


  • It’s easy to learn and play
  • It has a different atmosphere than most games
  • You get magic props
  • There are plenty of levels to play if you love the challenge


• Although the game is easy to play, it’s difficult to conquer
• Children may have a hard time shooting the marbles

Downloading The App

Make sure to download the Zumbla game if it’s something you know you want to try. It’s a great app with lots of levels that you can try out for yourself. You have colorful marbles and colorful ghosts to play with. Then there is the green frog that is doing the marble shooting for you as you try to match up the colors. All types of other entities are also in the game. This game can provide you with hours of entertainment if you don’t mind the difficult challenges at every level. This is the best app to have.


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