Unblock Me Mobile App Review

Unblock me is a board gaming app, filled with endless puzzles and addicting mazes. This classic puzzle has been downloaded over 160 million times. This app is a family favorite that helps you improve your problem solving and cognitive skills. This app will keep you thinking, with over 18,000 different puzzles to choose from.

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Unblock Me Mobile App

The unblock me app is a great app to get your mind going and body relaxing all at the same time. This app is filled with amazing features, such as their 18,000+ puzzles, relax mode, challenge mode, daily puzzle mode, multiplayer mode, puzzle packs, free themes, daily rewards, and easy game tutorials. With their multiple styles of play, you have the flexibility to compete at your desired level. You also can choose from starter, beginner, intermediate, advanced, and expert. There is another option where you can place the game in a family-friendly mode.

The unblock me app also features free themes, and since it is holiday season you will see Halloween backdrops, Thanksgiving backdrops, and soon there will be Christmas backdrops. There is an easy game tutorial section available as soon as you download unblock me. This shows you step by step instructions on how to complete each level. The tutorial is very detailed and will give you the tools to be successful. This app offers daily rewards for simply playing unblock me and completing different levels constantly. You can also earn free hints throughout the process as the levels become more difficult.

Features of the App

  • Relax Mode Challenge Mode, Daily Puzzle Mode & Multiplayer Mode
  • Starter, Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, and Expert Levels
  • Puzzle Packs
  • Free Themes
  • Daily Rewards
  • Easy Game Tutorials
  • Great Customer Support
  • Multiple Hint Giving Option


  • Diverse Gaming Modes
  • Family Friendly Gaming
  • Daily Rewards
  • Easy to Understand Tutorials
  • Lots of Different Puzzles
  • Overall Consistent for Almost 10 Years
  • Fun and Addicting
  • Customer Support


  • Crashes Phone When Played too Long
  • Numerous Amount of Political Ads
  • Can Get Very Difficulty
  • Outdated
  • Updates Loses Data
  • Freezes Often
  • No In-Game Sound on New Update
  • Multiplier Not Working


As you can see, playing the unblock me app can be fun and also addicting. This app has been around for years and is still a family favorite. I would recommend that you download unblock me, especially if you are looking for a fun puzzle game. This app has the ability to adjust to your desire. For example, you can put the game in relax mode and have fun playing this game without the stress of levels being difficult. You also have the option to put the app in its highest difficulty level, if you are looking to challenge yourself.


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