Toy Blast Mobile App Review

Toy blast is a fun-packed game that offers you endless levels of new and exciting moves to help you complete each level with speed and accuracy. All you simply have to do is match every cube to the same color and complete the matches with the number of moves each level gives you. If you cannot complete the matches within those moves, you will lose a life and start from the beginning of that particular stage.

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Mobile App Review for Toy Blast

When you download Toy Blast, you will start off at the bottom of the line and receive tips on how to quickly complete each level while using new boosters offered at every level. The Toy Blast app also allows you to save your progress and even play when you do not have internet available. While you can still play without WI-FI, you cannot receive the star chests or lives from teams you join in the game. If you join a team, you can collect lives and use them for yourself, or send them to others in need. Keep in mind that for every life you send, you are spending your precious coins in order to keep others going in the game. If your team wins in a tournament, you will be given a prize for the top three spots.


  • Collect chests in Toy Blast and receive coins and boosters for your next level.
  • Daily prizes when you take part in spin the wheel. Win coins or boosters!
  • A variety of characters to add cuteness and fun to every level.


  • Legend arenas: Compete with all the best toy blast app players.
  • Playable without WI-FI access.
  • Gain lives every hour to help you keep going on your mission.


  • Limited gameplay without the internet. No chest or tournament access without the internet.
  • Multiplayer access is only available within tournaments while helping each other collect stars.

When you download Toy Blast, you can join different teams. This helps you receive lives when yours are all gone and send them in a time of need. If at any moment you need to leave the game, your progress will be instantly saved without having to worry about being knocked down a level from not taking the time to save your game. As you progress at every level you will receive new rewards and game cards. Game cards are rewarded to you every twenty levels to show you an appreciation for your success in the game. With over 2,500 levels, you have plenty of time to play and collect all the cards available!


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