TETRIS Mobile App Review

Tetris is game that has been around for decades and thousands of people still enjoy it. We love playing some of the same games over and over again because they are just plain fun, and this is one of them. This games is about stacking blocks and will continue to be a favorite as long as we keep playing it.






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Overview: Mobile App Review for Tetris

The Tetris app is beautifully designed in an array of colors. We can see the stackable blocks on the very enticing app, which causes us to open it and play. Once we get inside the app, there is so much more to look at. The colorful blocks are to be stacked in to gain points and depending on the level we are on they can start to come very fast. There is a scoring board at the top. So the more squares you stack that disappear the more points you get.

Children and adults enjoy this game because of the challenge it brings with getting the blocks stacked as fast as possible. Tetris is quite different on the Android device. It offers three different ways to play, but the blocks look different than what’s available for IOS. On the Android, the Marathon is where the regular game can be found while the other modes of play are Galaxy and Explorers. For IOS, there is a little face that peaks out now and then while playing the game which makes things a bit interesting.

There are some very interesting features of this app that don’t you noticed. We can utilize them as we need to for the benefit of winning a game or two.


  • Playing with other people
  • An actual Stats page when using Android
  • A Trophy on the top of the page with your score on the IOS
  • We can stop or resume where we played in the game

Children enjoy this game as much as we do and it has all of us challenging our brains. This is a great game of coordination and stamina. All of us can get the most out of it when we play, and this will cause our brain to focus and think.

There are always ups and downs with any of the products. We should download Tetris because there are not many downsides to this game. The list includes:


  • Anyone can play
  • It helps with teaching the brain about focusing
  • The colors of the blocks and the creature face on IOS keeps it interesting
  • Seeing The gold cup on IOS with the score makes the game easy to read
  • Android has an easy to read stats page
  • The colorful blocks are more realistic on IOS
  • Android Offers more playing modes
  • It’s Free on IOS


  • Android has in-app purchase
  • The blocks look too simulated on Android

We should download Tetris because it’s just plain fun to have when we need to pass some time away. A quick game is all we need to make our day. It is endless block-stacking that we truly love, and it’s just so easy to play. Our game time has been revolutionized by this grand experience, and it’s something that will be around as long as people continue to lay.


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