TETRIS Blitz Mobile App Review

Do you remember that classic puzzle game called Tetris? How would you like playing that game on your phone? There is a mobile app that will make that happen, and it's called Tetris Blitz. For this review, I will be going over the cool facts about this Tetris game.






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Mobile App Review for Tetris Blitz

Tetris Blitz was progressively developed by a very popular gaming platform called Electronic Arts or EA for short. EA began in 1982 and it can be precisely located in Redwood City, California. As of right now, they have over 300 million players across the planet. In 2018, EA made over $5 billion in net revenue. The brand names that led EA to that kind of net revenue are The Sims, Need For Speed, and also Plants Vs. Zombies. After a while, EA started working on mobile gaming apps that involve players playing classic games. One of those classic games that they worked on is Tetris, and because of this, that’s how they came up with this mobile version.

This mobile app will provide you with an opportunity to engage in one of the most popular puzzle games of all time. You will be able to unlock some amazing powerups and boosts while you play more matches. Make your way to the top of the Tetris Leaderboard by challenging your friends in a game of Tetris. Also, get a chance to maximize your strategic skills in this action-packed Tetris game.

Cool Features

  • Supports 11 Different Languages
  • Play Against Your Friends And Family
  • Unlock/Upgrade For Boosts and Power-ups.
  • Earn Rewards By Completing Certain Tasks.
  • Earn Higher Scores And Collect Excellent Finishers.
  • Work Your Way To Becoming A Tetris Tournament Champion
  • Play The Most Popular And Also Classic Puzzle Game In The Word.

Interesting Pros

  • Colorful Graphics
  • The Perfect Puzzle Game
  • A Family-Friendly Mobile Game
  • Works Best With Apple Devices
  • A Well-Engaged Mobile Gaming App
  • Fair Competition In The Tournaments
  • Awesome Powerups, Boosts, And Finishers
  • Side Tasks and Milestones Are Fairly Simple
  • Download Tetris Blitz For Free With Affordable In-App Purchases

App Cons

  • Can’t Play The Game Offline
  • Android Version Freezes A Lot
  • Minor Glitches During A Match
  • Touch-screen Controls Are Slow
  • Requires Too Much Data Storage
  • Rewards Are Lost When App Crashes
  • Ad Pop-ups Can Be Really Disturbing
  • In-App Purchases Are Not Always Completed
  • Too Many Watching A Video For Points Issues
  • Will Not Play Well With A Weak Internet Connection


Before you download Tetris Blitz, I would like to generously share with you why this app may be something that you will enjoy engaging in. Playing a puzzle game like Tetris has attracted millions of players across the planet with an attractive appearance, the fluid animations, and also fierce competition to collect generous bonuses. This mobile app has all three of those unique aspects as well as thousands of active players that have shared a vast experience by playing this game. I have played this game before and had a great time playing this game. Notably, I earn finishers because it helps receive higher scores after every match. Beating my mutual friends on Facebook is always fun, especially for bragging rights. If you enjoy playing puzzle games that will let you play against your friends, then this Tetris mobile app is for you.


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