Sand Balls Mobile App Review

There are several ads that showcase a game that requires you to move some balls at the end of the goal, but will they be worth downloading, including the Sand Balls app we'll cover today?

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Full Description of the Sand Balls App

Playing Sand Balls is as easy as it sounds. All you need to do is to make a path for your balls and avoid any obstacles that could stop you, including pits and barriers that could prevent you from accessing any further. You could occasionally encounter some extra balls to earn even more points so long as you know how to get them together on the same trip. Your path requires you to get to the car that will take up the balls you’ve been getting, and you will need to win with multiple balls and getting to other cars as the game progresses. Some of these cars include a purple car, an orange monster truck, the Shaggin’ Wagon from Dumb and Dumber, a disco(?) ambulance, and a stylish dump truck.

You shouldn’t expect to get right into the regular game after you download Sand Balls; you have an overworld that takes place near the beach to work with. There are some ways to keep the virtual characters interested in what is dubbed Sand City, and they require getting purple diamonds to further access the attractions of the area. Obtaining the purple diamonds can be done simply by going through the bonus levels and reach out to whatever needs to be done. The more locations and decorations you unlock, the more tourists will want to come over to Sand City’s attractions.

List of Features

  • Make your path by touching the screen
  • Get multiple balls at the end of the game
  • Unlock many cars of different types
  • Add to your Sand City overworld
  • Get diamonds in bonus levels


  • New challenges made after every level
  • Different kinds of balls to take from start to finish
  • Overworld to customize


  • Ads get in the way despite being already present at the bottom of the screen
  • Pits are hard to tell if they can either teleport your balls or are bad to use
  • Requires your personal info, which isn’t a suitable thing for younger users

Should You Download Sand Balls?

The Sand Balls app certainly isn’t as basic as other apps. It still has some issues worth mentioning though. While the gameplay is addicting, you can’t tell if some of the pits will stop or affect your path. There are also ads that can become obnoxious. However, these ads usually only pop up after completing a level. If you need a game that’s easy to beat or is good enough for kids to enjoy, you can download Sand Balls, but know that ads will pop up every now and then (as well as requiring your personal data.


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