FRAMED Mobile App Review

Framed is an award-winning noir game where you re-arrange the animated comic pages of a book to create a new adventure escaped framed story. Developed in Australia, framed game tests player’s ability to change the order of the narrative-based puzzles and create an account with a smooth flow. A sequel, framed latest update, was released in 2017. The mounted collection is a compilation of framed and framed 2, which are now available on PC and Nintendo Switch.






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How to Play Framed

This is a complete step by step guide that will help you with tricks, hints, solutions, tips, and answers for the puzzle game, Framed. The way this game work, needs you to drag panels around so that your character doesn’t get caught. There are no limitations to how many times you can retry after being failing to develop a successful story. It is fun sometimes to make mistakes, but if you are stuck, this walkthrough guide should help.

The idea behind adventure escape Framed game is a unique one. You challenge your mind with thrilling noir-style comic scenes. In every scene, there are a number of panels, some of which can be rotated while others can be swapped. By altering the sequence of the panel, you create a new outcome of the scenes. After you complete arranging the panels, you should click the ‘play’ option and watch the scenes unfold. Sometimes, you will have to swap some panels, which may seem unfit as the scene is playing, and there is where the game gets trickiest.

Not every scene is a challenging puzzle, however. Some just give you two panels to swap, doing little more than offering interactive cut scenes. The goal in each scene is to advance to the next panel safely, avoiding capture. On most occasions, you will spend much time escaping the police arrest, and when necessary, you hit them on the head with your briefcase. Also, there are other characters in the game you should still control, as they forcefully swap your suitcase.


  • Beautiful art and attractive animations – handcrafted, award-winning, and animations bring the noir world of framed to life.
  • Award-winning design – featuring a combination of all game mechanics and fiendish puzzles framed is an award-winning game for its simple design as well as the honoree of 2015 ‘excellence in design’ award in IGF.
  • Simple and easy to play – simply grab elegant panels and develop creative scenes by swapping with your finger.
  • Background jazz music – plays with evocative background music featuring jazz performance fused with modern beats.
  • Creates a unique experience – unlike other games, you have played before, adventure escape framed brings a new type of game experience ultimately.

Pros of This App

  • Brilliant time-shifting concepts
  • Some absorbing puzzles
  • Superb comic strip style concepts

Cons of This App

  • Some levels appear to leave logic at the door.
  • Large chunks of the game feel like a glorified picture book.

Why You Should Download Framed Game

The ability to re-define a story is an alluring selling skill, and, at times, Framed’s comic strip game delivers some exceptional puzzling intelligence. If you spend $5 on any game, this should be the one. I would recommend this game like a fine old wine, rather than guzzling it just like a cheap beer. Download framed game and test your creativity by developing new adventure escape framed story. Play it slowly, because you will miss it when it’s over.


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