Flow Free Mobile App Review

Quiz apps and puzzle apps can be a fun and engaging way to stretch the brain and gain new knowledge. While some people prefer trivia challenges, others prefer to challenge the mind with more abstract types of puzzles.

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A Unique Puzzle App For Mobile Devices Around The World

The Flow Free mobile puzzle application provides a fun and challenging series of spatially oriented puzzles with an easy-to-use drag and drop interface for tablets and smartphones alike. The app is available on both Android and iOS, and there is no charge to download Flow Free today.

Best Features

  • More Than 2,000 Puzzles To Play With For Free – A generous collection of puzzles to play without paying a dime.
  • Hundreds Of Difficulty Levels To Choose From – Over 250 different levels of difficulty make finding the appropriate puzzle challenge easy and fun.
  • Sampler Packs For Puzzles Of All Kinds – Each sampler pack contains more 150 puzzles specific types of puzzles to choose between. Puzzle types include “Warps”, “Hexes”, and “Bridges”.
  • New & Original Puzzles Are Delivered Every Day – It’s easy to find new puzzles with the Daily Puzzle Dashboard feature. New puzzles are delivered straight into the mobile app each day.

Pros Of Playing With Flow Free

  • The collection of puzzles inside of this app has a wide variety of difficulty levels and gameplay modes.
  • Flow Free puzzles adjust to the specific mobile device of the user. For example, I receive different puzzle formats when I am using the app on my tablet than I do when I am using the app on my phone.
  • Some of the puzzles can take multiple attempts to solve. Users are able to delete previously attempted paths through each of the puzzles so that the screen remains clear. This is one of my favorite features.
  • These puzzles have multiple grid sizes to navigate, and the variety of challenges is a plus.
  • This app has a clean and minimal user interface. It doesn’t take up a lot of memory, and multitasking during puzzles is easy.
  • Even the free version of the app has lots of different puzzles to choose amongst.

Cons Of Playing With Flow Free

  • Some users may find the hardest puzzles to be too challenging, and they may get discouraged from continuing to use the app.
  • The puzzles are fun and engaging, but they can be addicting. On more than one occasion, I have found myself spending much more time playing the games on the app that I had budgeted for the day.
  • Graphics in the application are very basic, and some users may desire a flashier experience.
  • The number of levels and gameplay modes can be a bit overwhelming. If this mobile puzzle app had some kind of artificial intelligence engine or provided personalized puzzle recommendations, then the massive landscape of Flow Free puzzles would be a bit easier to navigate.
  • There is no music inside the application, and there are minimal sound effects. Some users may desire a bit more stimulation to go along with all of the Flow Free puzzles.

Concluding Remarks

This app can be a great challenge, and there’s no cost in order to download Flow Free. I’ve found myself highly engaged with this app on more than one occasion, and the design team behind the software has clearly built an excellent formula for generating tons of puzzles.


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