Dr. Mario World Mobile App Review

Set in the legendary land of Mario and his beloved cast of characters, Dr Mario World is a different kind of Mario game. The Dr Mario app presents you with a series of puzzles, and it's your job as the Doctor to solve them.

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Doctor Mario Is In The Building With This Fun Mobile Game

Each level starts with a family of viruses that are sitting on the puzzle board, and your duty is to eliminate these viruses so that you can cure your patient. To successfully cure your patient of the virus, you must match each virus with the appropriate capsule.

Getting just one match isn’t good enough, though, as you must produce three consecutive matches for these viruses to disappear. Your capsules are limited, but you can always enlist your friendly medical assistants to help you find the cure.

Levels are designed to get more and more challenging, and you encounter familiar Mario characters as you progress. This app is an entertaining spin-off from the typical Mario adventure game, and you can download Dr Mario World for both and iOS and Android from the appropriate app store.


  • Master Puzzles To Build Your Skills – Get three matches in a row to make the cure your patient from the viruses on the board. There are lots of ways to win, and you can get three matches in a row across the board or three matches in a row up and down to make progress.
  • Classic Mario Characters – Get ready to encounter your favorite Mario characters from years gone by. Everybody from Bowser to Koopa Troopa is in this game in one form or another. Add a Goomba to your staff of medical assistant, and prepare to compete against Dr. Peach.
  • Compete Internationally In Multiplayer Mode – The Mario empire’s dedicated fan base is your advantage, as you can instantly compete against fellow gamers from countries around the world.


  • You can play the game straight from your phone without losing the full experience. The game has a very simple system of controls for touchscreen, and the storyline is simple enough to fit well on smartphone screens.
  • There is no cost for you to start the Dr Mario app.
  • As a whole, the Mario franchise of video games has a huge number of raving fans. This means that this app’s multiplayer pool can only continue to get larger over time, giving you more and more users to play against in the future.
  • The learning curve on this game is very shallow. You can pick up the rules super fast, and you can start effectively competing against others right away. You don’t have to sit there and practice for hours before you jump into the international player pool.
  • This game has a much different structure than the traditional line of games in the Mario series. It’s much more of a puzzle game, and you can use it to grow your critical thinking skills.


  • Some users feel that the multiplayer matchmaking algorithm leaves a little bit to be desired. Users play against each other by skill level, but matches can still be uneven.
  • The levels in Dr Mario World vary widely in difficulty level. In other words, the progression is not always clear and straightforward. You may pass a harder level to find that the next level is quite easy, or you might end up jumping straight from a very easy level to one that is very difficult.


This game is a fun standalone addition to the Mario family of games. The plotline is unique and humorous, and the overall feeling of the game is lighthearted. It’s easy to pick up your phone for a quick game, and it’s even easier to download Dr Mario World and take this game for a test run today.


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