Cookie Jam Mobile App Review

Cookie Jam is a match 3 game where you have to match three cookies or candies to clear the board within a specific number of moves. At the beginning of every level Chef Panda has a brand new order for you to complete and all you have to do is swap around candy's and crush the cookies to fulfill his order and move on to the next fun-packed level.

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Mobile App Review for Cookie Jam

Chef Panda is the main man in Cookie Jam and is looking for new people to jump on board and help him fill new orders with every level. As you progress in the game, the orders will get more difficult and they will keep you on your toes as you try and master the ways of crushing cookies and swapping candies. If you are looking to share the fun with your friends after you download Cookie Jam, you can easily connect to Facebook. Here you can stream with multiple devices so you and all your friends can play Cookie Jam together.

With limited time events, you and your friends can collect prizes and boosters to play Cookie Jam with ease while having new booster packs at your side to complete Chef Panda’s orders faster than you have ever dreamed of. Once you get the hang of matching items, you will start whizzing through the levels with easy and become the chef’s greatest assistant.


  • Free of cost to play.
  • Thousands of fun-filled levels to keep you occupied on your downtime.
  • Connect to Facebook to play with your friends and family.


  • Earn rewards and prizes in order to help you complete levels faster.
  • Easy to play and fun for all ages.
  • Great graphics and new orders on every level.


  • Purchase promotions pop up numerous times while playing the game.
  • App completely shuts down if you have to answer a call or send out a text message.

If you are looking for a fun game with endless levels, download Cookie Jam today. Every level provides you with new and more advanced orders to keep the game new and exciting. This app also allows you to have a free spin every day in hopes that you will win new rewards and boosters to help pass levels with ease. To receive more rewards all you have to do is link the app to Facebook. Here your friends and family members can gift you with lives or boosters whenever you need a helping hand. It’s fun to play, and it’ll help you pass hours of time while you’re caught up in the moment.


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