1LINE - One-Stroke Puzzle Game Mobile App Review

The 1line app is one of many examples of games that challenge players to continue playing their game despite the simplistic approach that is represented at first glance, a trait for mobile games that test your skills with these puzzles (and a common trait that their ads boast about).






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1LINE App Description

To play 1line, all you need to do is draw one line to connect the dots and create the shape that you are told to make. It looks fairly easy at first, but the more puzzles you play, the more challenging subsequent ones get. Considering how there are at least 10 puzzles to try out, you won’t have to worry about being thrown into some of the more challenging puzzles.

That said, there are a few hints to follow while plowing your way through each puzzle, which can add a bit of help to those that don’t know where to go for future puzzles. These hints are found only when you beat the simpler levels, which some may skip if they think of them as too easy to beat (and instead try the harder puzzles when they play 1line).

One other trait of the 1line app is its methods of getting specific solutions to puzzles. They could either be a one-way line or having the lines overlap each other, depending on the shape you’re trying to beat. Either way, these methods help activate your skills with any tricks up 1line’s sleeves.

App’s Features

  • 10 levels; 500 stages
  • Simple shapes at first, line amount increases
  • Hints provided at the end of the earlier levels
  • Super addictive


  • Very addictive game to play
  • Levels progress in difficulty naturally
  • Unique methods of solving puzzles


  • Contains ads
  • Will be frustrating to those with shorter patience
  • Does get somewhat stale for geniuses

Should you download 1line?

Now it’s time to determine if you should download 1line or not. First off, however, let’s take a look back at what’s been brought up in the review. As mentioned previously, 1line provides some very addictive gameplay, requires your skills to never fail, and to always unlock your knowledge when thinking outside the box.

If you have what it takes to solve a lot of puzzles with just one line, you may want to download this game. If you’re someone that doesn’t have the patience of playing a game like this, or if you’re tired of seeing ads on YouTube or Instagram that say “I bet you can’t solve this!” or “Many failed this puzzle. Can you try it yourself?”, then this game may not be for you.


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