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  • Zumbla Deluxe

    It’s about time you got a new game that’s both fun and unique to play. Zumbla now has a brand new deluxe version that is even more addictive than its predecessor. You will come to love it too because it’s more of a challenge than the first one.
  • Zumbla Classic

    If you are looking for games with ghosts and other types of creatures, you may be in luck. Zumbla is the game for you. It has a mixture of different creatures with weapons and you will have plenty of fun laying this game. It’s good to try different games.
  • Unblock Me

    Unblock me is a board gaming app, filled with endless puzzles and addicting mazes. This classic puzzle has been downloaded over 160 million times. This app is a family favorite that helps you improve your problem solving and cognitive skills. This app will keep you thinking, with over 18,000 different puzzles to choose from.
  • Toy Blast

    Toy blast is a fun-packed game that offers you endless levels of new and exciting moves to help you complete each level with speed and accuracy. All you simply have to do is match every cube to the same color and complete the matches with the number of moves each level gives you. If you cannot complete the matches within those moves, you will lose a life and start from the beginning of that particular stage.
  • Toon Blast

    Gaming has come a long way. Where games used to be manually through a board or with cards, only played with a friend face to face, now this past time has changed. Games are no longer even played just on a gaming system because the app world has made its mark. You can download an app and play for hours right on your phone while before going to sleep in the bed, during a break at work, or even while waiting in back to back traffic. Because we can find so many ways to enjoy games without all of the hassle many are choosing to download games that will keep their brains active and alert. For this reason downloading Toon Blast on your iPhone will prove to be a pleasure.

    Tetris is game that has been around for decades and thousands of people still enjoy it. We love playing some of the same games over and over again because they are just plain fun, and this is one of them. This games is about stacking blocks and will continue to be a favorite as long as we keep playing it.
  • TETRIS Blitz

    Do you remember that classic puzzle game called Tetris? How would you like playing that game on your phone? There is a mobile app that will make that happen, and it's called Tetris Blitz. For this review, I will be going over the cool facts about this Tetris game.
  • Sudoku.com

    Sudoku com is a mid boggling game that tests your brain skills by providing you with a series of puzzles that you have to decode in order to make each box line up 1-9 without any of the numbers being in the same column. If you place one of the same numbers in a column beside, above, or below that number on Sudoku com you will have to start the puzzle over until the matches are made.
  • Sand Balls

    There are several ads that showcase a game that requires you to move some balls at the end of the goal, but will they be worth downloading, including the Sand Balls app we'll cover today?
  • Physics Drop

    Puzzle games on mobile come in a variety of types. On the one hand, you have complex apps that can feed you so many brain-teasers they make your head spin. On the other hand, you have puzzle apps like Physics Drop.

Showing 1–10 of 32 results