Tiles Hop - EDM Rush!

The Tiles Hop Game for mobile has a full name of Tiles Hop EDM Rush! You play the game by taking the white ball that shows up and making it bounce between tiles to play the song.

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Tiles Hop EDM Rush Description

When you download Tiles Hope, you can choose a song you want to play, including the EDM songs that go with the app, and then move your finger over your device to get the ball to hop from one square to another through different scenes. One of the main scenes in this forest vista with a moon and with deer. The moon will change to the sun and then the sun sets and it’s the moon again. The squares can move around as well, making it more tricky to get the ball to jump onto them. There are also extras when it comes to this game such as jewels and other bonuses to get your high score up.

The game also has the advantage of allowing you to upload your own songs. It’s a simple game to pick up since the only thing you have to keep in mind is not missing the tiles. The songs they play as default are also all going to be the hottest hits of the day. You mustn’t tap the device, instead, you want to slide and guide the ball that way.

App Features

  • Upload Your Own Songs- The most recent version of Tiles Hop EDM Rush makes it so that you can upload your own songs. They will then appear at the beginning of the game in the little boxes, and you can select them just like you can select any of the other songs that come as default.
  • Fast Gameplay-The gameplay is fast and engaging with all of the colors, moving balls and squares, and upbeat music. It’s an entertaining way to kill time, in other words.

App Pros

  • Upbeat Music-Even the default music is upbeat and exciting and keeps the game moving forward.
  • Get Going Instantly-It’s not hard to pick up the game, there aren’t any rules to learn or figure out. You just pick your song and your off to the races.

App Cons

  • Lack of Depth-If you want complicated storylines or intense puzzlers, this game is probably not for you. It’s straightforward and there’s not a lot to it. What you see is what you get.

Why Should You Download This Game?

You’ll want to download Tiles Hop if you like light and games that hold your interest for a little while. Plus, of course, you’ll especially like it if you’ve ever placed any tile hop type game before and enjoyed it since this game offers a few improvements to that, including the customization option so you can play with your own games. This is reason enough to download Tiles Hop since it’s such a strong Tiles Hop game.


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