Just Dance Now Mobile App Review

We are born with music on our minds. It makes us move and evokes strong emotions which inspires our bodies to move. That moving is called dancing and we dance through so many events in life. Think back to the what was playing on the radio during your first kiss or what song was the last song played at your Senior Prom. I bet you can even think of what was the first dance craze song you remember learning. Dancing is healthy and therapeutic and that is the reason why we try to increase the amount of dancing that we do. Dancing is exercise that we love to do and for that reason there is no wondering why someone created an app that can easily connect you with many people and dance together. Download Just Dance Now to get started on your dancing experience.

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Just Dance Mobile

Just Dance Mobile works similar to a remote for a screen that can play a game for you to dance along with. This app has tons of music to select from in order to keep your body moving. Although this app has been around for many years now, we are just getting accustomed to all of the great things it offers like connecting dancing parties and providing a way for people to play in this game without a console. This app will work off of your phone’s internet connection and will allow hours upon hours of fun as long as that internet connection is running efficiently and properly.

Just Dance Now App Features

There are many features that this application has and you will find a list below of the most important:

  • It comes in fourteen different languages.
  • Uses 197.5 MB of space.
  • More than 400 songs available.
  • Ability to see total calories burned.
  • Offers a subscription and many in-app purchases.

Just Dance Now App Pros

Some of the many pros that are included in this app are in a list below:

  • Enjoy the ability to create and customize your own playlist.
  • Social party option where more than a thousand players can join in.
  • You will the huge collection of songs to choose from.

Just Dance Now App Cons

There are not many negative aspects from this app, but you can find a list of these as follows:

  • The subscription price is fairly pricey.
  • Sometimes the daily boosters do not show up on your account.

Download Just Dance Now

When I need to unwind I find it hard to find something that will keep me moving but not present too much stress at the same time, I look to this app. When I want to kick up my health regime and take off a few pains for an event, I go straight to this app. If I want to look amazing for a reunion, I grab this app, and when I want to just stand up and feel the beat I realized that this does all of that for me. You can start dancing now if you want to do any of the things that I mentioned. Download this app and be on your way to whatever goal you desire.


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