Hop Ball 3D Mobile App Review

Hop Ball 3D is an interactive music game where the objective is to successfully guide a bouncing ball onto platforms to the beat of different songs from popular music. Do your best to keep the ball in the center of the platforms and collect diamonds when they appear.

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Mobile App Review for Hop Ball 3D

The controls to Hop Ball are extremely simple and this is a great game for any kid or lover of pop music. To start the game, press down on the touchscreen and the song will start. In order to move the ball from platform to platform, you must slide your thumb from left to right to the rhythm of the song. If you miss a platform you have failed and must start over again. The first few songs are free to enter, but all songs after that you will have to watch an advertisement video that lasts about 30 seconds to enter new songs. Collect diamonds as credits so that you can skip ads in the future. Each song is divided into three stars; once you have collected each star you have completed the level.


  • Land ball on platforms to the rhythm of popular songs
  • Complete each song by collecting all three stars
  • Collect diamonds in each level in order to gain extra credits

With a long list of songs to play along to you won’t be easily bored by Hop Ball 3D.


  • Listen to cool music
  • Test your reflexes

Hone in your accuracy by landing the ball smack dab on the platform. This is a relaxing game that allows you to listen to music and test your reflexes at the same time.


  • Ads
  • Pop songs only
  • Rhythm seems to be off in some songs

Just like all free apps, when you play Hop Ball 3D you will have to experience ads. It would be cool if the game had access to different genres of music so that it reached a broader audience. Some of the songs are lacking synchronization between the hopping ball and the rhythm.

Download Hop Ball 3D If You Are a Music Lover

When you play Hop Ball 3D you have the opportunity to jam out to some of your favorite songs while testing your ability to keep the hopping ball on the platforms. A recommended download for all music lovers, and a great game to pass off to the kids to let them enjoy the excitement. The only bad side to this game is that you have to wait for an ad to play some of the songs. So what are you waiting for? Download Hop Ball 3D and start jamming out!


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