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  • Tiles Hop - EDM Rush!

    The Tiles Hop Game for mobile has a full name of Tiles Hop EDM Rush! You play the game by taking the white ball that shows up and making it bounce between tiles to play the song.
  • Just Dance Now

    We are born with music on our minds. It makes us move and evokes strong emotions which inspires our bodies to move. That moving is called dancing and we dance through so many events in life. Think back to the what was playing on the radio during your first kiss or what song was the last song played at your Senior Prom. I bet you can even think of what was the first dance craze song you remember learning. Dancing is healthy and therapeutic and that is the reason why we try to increase the amount of dancing that we do. Dancing is exercise that we love to do and for that reason there is no wondering why someone created an app that can easily connect you with many people and dance together. Download Just Dance Now to get started on your dancing experience.
  • Hop Ball 3D

    Hop Ball 3D is an interactive music game where the objective is to successfully guide a bouncing ball onto platforms to the beat of different songs from popular music. Do your best to keep the ball in the center of the platforms and collect diamonds when they appear.
  • Dunk n Beat

    Dunk n Beat is a very simple arcade-style app for your mobile device that involves a sliding basketball hoop that you must move back and forth with the touchscreen to catch a continuous stream of basketballs and other objects to score points.

Showing all 4 results