Toy Story Drop! Mobile App Review

Toy Story drop is the only fully themed toy story gaming app. This app contains characters and locations from all 4 of the toy story movies. The objective of this game is to match, drop, and clear a numerous amount of match 3 puzzles while exploring the iconic themes form the movie.

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Toy Story Drop Mobile App

Toy Story drop is one of the first fully equipped Toy Story mobile games available today. This app takes you through the different settings of all 4 of the Toy Story movies. This game is very similar to the famous game called Candy Crush. The objective of this game is the match 3 or more and collect all of the required toys. As you get further along the game, the puzzles began to get a little more difficult. Woody and Buzz Lightyear help themselves and the rest of the toy characters escape through these themed based obstacles. Most people who download toy story drop have played Candy Crush and can attest to it becoming addictive.

This app also offers a toy shop for you to buy certain coins and power-ups to help improve your chances of beating each level. These perks do cost money but they will pay off in the long run when you finally defeat the difficult levels. Throughout this toy story journey, you will help Woody and the rest of the crew assemble playsets to unlock bonus scenes such as Woody vs. Evil Doctor Porkchop.

Features of this App

  • Exploring all Locations from all 4 Movies
  • Completing Tasks Through Toy Story Themed Obstacles
  • Solving Puzzles
  • Assemble Playsets
  • Toy Story Shop


  • Incorporation of all 4 movies
  • Theme Based Obstacles
  • Earning Coins
  • Kid-Friendly
  • Easy to Function


  • Very Similar to Other Apps
  • Requires Money to Make True Progress
  • Some Levels are Almost Impossible to Beat
  • Constant Freezing
  • Few List of Levels



As you can see, Toy Story Drop is a gaming app that can be played by almost anyone. I would especially recommend you download the toy story drop app if you are a fan of toy story and like the game candy crush. This game is full of toy story features, themes, characters, and also locations. They equipped this app with all types of features from every one of the toy story movies. Throughout this app, you will also complete tasks through obstacles by completing your match 3 tasks. You are given 5 lives to start, and each time you don’t successfully complete a level you will lose a life. Once you’ve hit 0, you will have to wait a certain amount of time to be revived with a life, or go to the store and purchase some lives.

The toy shop is a very useful tool this app has added on, even though it will cost you some money. They offer package deals such as the mini bundle, the deluxe bundle, the super bundle, the jumbo bundle, the mega bundle, and the ultra bundle. These prices range from $3.99 to $99.99, also these bundles contain a combination of coins and toy power-ups to help you get through those difficult levels. They also offer packages for the coins only, which vary from $1.99 to $74.99. You can also trade in coins for prizes and even different upgrades that can be used to help you finish difficult levels.


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