Roller Splat! Mobile App Review

Maze games on mobile are always an intellectual challenge, and Roller Splat is an exciting take on the genre. Even if you think you are a master of maze games, there are so many levels in the Roller Splat app that you may find yourself stumped on more than one occasion.

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Get Ready To Roll Your Marble On Mobile

The objective of Roller Splat is to navigate a painted marble through narrow corridors and around tricky bends, filling the maze up with colors as you move. When you’ve painted the entire level from top to bottom in the color of your marble, the level is complete. It may sound simple, but these levels get harder and harder as you make progress

You don’t need to pay anything to try the Roller Spat app, as this game is free for both iOS & Android. Furthermore, you can download Roller Splat in under a few minutes, and the game is compatible with both smartphones and tablet devices.


  • More Than 1,000 Levels To Challenge Your Navigation Skills – Progress through hundreds of mazes to improve your strategic planning and critical thinking skills. Each level sucks you in with different colors and patterns to consider.
  • Smooth Touchscreen Controls – It’s easy to guide your paintball through every nook and cranny of the maze with the app’s user-friendly system of simple controls. Simply drag your ball around the maze using your finger to navigate the maze and progress to the next challenge.
  • Free & Easy Download – The Roller Splat app is totally free to install. Simply find this game in your app store right now and get ready to start playing.
  • Gliding the marble across the board can have a soothing effect on your eyes.


  • Even though some of the graphics may feel a bit simplistic for your taste, the colors are bright and vibrant. It’s easy to keep your focus on the game because the levels are so aesthetically pleasing to the eye.
  • There are so many levels in this game that it feels like you can keep playing forever. You need to think through how to navigate each type of maze, and this can be an excellent way to develop your hand-eye coordination.
  • It’s easy to feel proud of yourself after completing a level in this game. The app’s clear progress indicators make it easy to see how fast you are improving.


  • The graphics don’t have the look and feel of some of the more advanced maze games available. The huge library of levels and mazes more than compensate for the lack of advanced three-dimensional graphics, though.
  • The app’s primary source of revenue is through advertising, and you may get sick of seeing such a large amount of ads throughout the game. In addition, the game will sometimes interrupt your play to congratulate you on reaching a given gameplay milestone. You might find that this breaks up the flow of an otherwise entertaining game.
  • Some of the levels are actually just rotations of previous levels. As a result, you may find that once you’ve mastered the basic library of mazes, the others are pretty easy.

Closing Thoughts On This Mobile Maze Game

Roller Splat is an entertaining and unique puzzle that combines arcade gameplay with attractive graphics to keep you busy for hours. The challenging variety of levels and the easy mobile controls make it a no-brainer to download Roller Splat today.


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