Pou Mobile App Review

The Pou app is a game where your job is to take care of a virtual pet and to collect coins to keep your pet alive and well. To complete this mission, you must feed, play with and clean your pet and let it rest.






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Your pet begins as a baby. You can complete missions and watch your Pou transform into an adult over time. There are many different things that you can do with your pet. You can play minigames with your pet and earn achievements so that you can earn coins. These coins are used to buy goods that will assist you in taking care of your pet or giving you bonuses in certain minigames. You can purchase and drive a motor vehicle. You can buy engine, tire and suspension upgrades that will help you progress further into the game.

Additionally, you can take your pet for a walk outside. You can water your plants in your garden, play football with your pet on your playground, and also allow your Pou to go swimming in a small pool. Buy food and potions that will boost your Pou’s statistics, which include its hunger, health, energy amount, and also entertainment level. You must maintain these statuses to keep your Pou happy. You can customize the looks of your interior, exterior and your Pou with outfits, accessories and different colors as your Pou is originally colored brown.

App Components

  • Play minigames with your virtual pet and earn coins.
  • Feed your pet.
  • Increase your pet’s current health, energy, hunger and amusement statistics.
  • Interact with other people around the world through games.
  • Customize your Pou and your house to allow your pet to be comfortable.
  • Capture photos of your pet and share them with your friends.
  • Level up your Pou and watch it transform from a baby to an adult.

App Pros

  • The Pou app is an excellent way for you to pass time because you can play an assortment of minigames.
  • The app only consists of banner advertisements that take up the space at the bottom of your screen.
  • You can customize your pet, your house, your car and your furniture in a way that is suitable for you.

App Cons

  • The time that it takes to earn coins by completing tasks or playing games with your Pou can be long and tedious.
  • Advancement to new levels can be long and it can also prohibit you from purchasing items that are unlocked at higher levels.


By downloading Pou, you can learn how to take care of a virtual pet that has its own necessities. You can have fun by playing games with your pet or by taking it for a walk or a ride. If you download Pou, you can customize your pet to your liking, let it eat from an array of food products and also let it rest to gain energy. Furthermore, you can share your progress with other people and show them what it is like to own a virtual pet.


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