Pet Rescue Saga Mobile App Review

Do you love a game that involves pets? In this review, you will get to see the full explanation of the Pet Rescue Saga. There are millions of gamers that have downloaded this addictive game and still counting. This app is great for people of all ages.

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Mobile App Review for Pet Rescue Saga

Pet Rescue Saga started out by a company named is a mobile interactive gaming company that creates interesting adventure/puzzle games for gamers all over the world. They have come up with more than 200 games and Pet Rescue Saga is one of the most popular mobile games in their business. They are alongside with Candy Crush Saga and Farm Heroes Super Saga.

When the gamers play Pet Rescue Saga, their job is to save the pets from people who want to steal them. Now, gamers will not literally save pets. The way users have to save the pets is by either matching up colored blocks or by removing them. Each level in the game varies with different difficulty levels. Gamers can either play by themselves or they can challenge their friends and family by getting a higher score than them. There are powerups that can help gamers win each level easier. Powerups can be earned by winning levels, spinning a wheel, winning races, or by purchasing them.

App Features

  • Connect Your Facebook Account To The App
  • Hundreds Of Levels To Play
  • Be On Top of The Leaderboard Against Your Friends
  • Collect Powerups, Bonus, And Also Boosters
  • Save Pets, Piglets, Pandas, and Puppies From Evil People
  • Bypass Traps And Setups


  • Colorful Graphics
  • Earn Boosters And Powerups For Free
  • Compete With Mobile Friends As Well As Facebook Friends
  • A Great Puzzle Game That Involves Adventure
  • A Very Addictive And Fun Game
  • Download Pet Rescue Saga Through Amazon, App Store, Or Google Play


  • Android App Crashes (Mostly Due To Too Many Apps Running At Once)
  • Facebook Sync Doesn’t Always Connect
  • Expensive In-App Purchases
  • Receiving Lives Through Friends Take Awhile
  • Hold Too Much Data Storage

The following is a summary that explains why I would want someone to download Pet Rescue Saga.

I play Pet Rescue Saga every day since the day launched the app. I am 27 years old and this app makes me feel like a kid again. Also, I love animals and seeing those pets needing to be rescued makes me want to grab my phone and save those pets as soon as possible. I’m currently at level 1191 and I constantly receiving free powerups and boosters because I am on a winning streak. These powerups and boosters help me win each level easier and faster. I challenge my friends on Facebook every day and whenever I see a friend out of lives, I send them one so they can try to beat my scores. This is a fun app for people who just wants to kill time and may virtually have the heart to save pets.


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