My Talking Tom Mobile App Review

The My Talking Tom app is the best virtual pet app in the world for all ages to play. Just when you think the app is only made for kids, you will find yourself talking to Tom and laughing at all his reactions to your voice and touch in the app. When you download Talking Tom you will have full access to the app and taking care of your new friend, Tom.

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Mobile App Review for My Talking Tom

Once you download Talking Tom you will find yourself caught up in the many features of the game and how quickly Tom is able to repeat what you say to him. With the My Talking Tom app, you will be able to feed Tom, play games, and say anything to him while he immediately repeats it right back to you.

In the game, you are also given the opportunity to take part in mini-games. Here you’ll compete in soccer matches, puzzles, and different action games to keep you and Tom occupied for hours! As you take care of Tom, you will earn coins that will allow you to purchase Tom’s new clothing and food for him to try out when other snacks start to become boring. When feeding Tom, he will let you know exactly what he wants at snack time by swiping the food away with small furry paws. The cuteness of the game is overwhelming and fun for everyone in the family.


  • Tom is able to go on trips to other countries while taking pictures of his vacation for you!
  • Absolutely free to download with in-app purchases available.
  • Customize Tom by purchasing him new clothing.


  • Unlock new furniture for Tom’s house.
  • Play action, puzzle, and sports games to keep Tom occupied.
  • Great features to help Tom use the bathroom and keep him clean.


  • Ads will not go away until in-app purchases are made.
  • You have to open the treasure box in order to play the bonus games.

In Conclusion

If you love taking care of virtual pets and watching as they grow, Talking Tom is an excellent app choice. The app is great for all ages and allows you to take care of Tom as if he were real. In order to make Tom happy, you will need to shower him, take him to the bathroom, prepare his meals, and play games with him throughout the day. Once you start taking care of Tom and talking to him every day, you will find it hard to leave him unattended for very long without going back to check on him and see if he needs a bath or a quick snack before you lay him down for an afternoon nap.


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