My Talking Tom 2 Mobile App Review

The Talking Tom app has now come out with version two that provides you with new clothing accessories, upgrades, and food for Tom to eat. When you download My Talking Tom 2, you will be able to play a variety of new mini-games while connecting to social media to show off Tom's new outfits or game scores with your friends. Version 2 is free to download and fun for all ages.

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Mobile App Review for My Talking Tom 2

If you love the original Talking Tom app, you will love to download My Talking Tom 2 and see all the new features available to you. Version to gives you free mini-games to play while still offering you in-app purchases for more coins to buy clothing and upgrades for Tom’s house.

With Talking Tom 2, you will notice that Tom now has his own pet and you will be able to unlock all four of them as you progress in the game by caring for tom with baths, meals, and bathroom trips. And don’t forget that Tom needs his sleep to function properly and remain in a good mood during your gameplay. What makes version 2 more fun is that you can now explore the world for Tom and purchase unique outfits and food to bring back with you to Tom’s house. Along with new items, you can also take pictures of your vacation with Tom to share with others on your social media page.


  • New mini-games to play and earn coins for new clothing and upgrades.
  • Travel around the world with Tom and buy unique outfits from around the globe.
  • Free to play with in-app purchases available.


  • Tom also has a pet of his own in this new version of Talking Tom!
  • Purchase different subscriptions including the daily pack and gamer pack.
  • Take care of Tom as if he were your very own.


  • Apps will not go away until you purchase a subscription or an in-app purchase.
  • You have to watch apps in order to proceed with the games.


Talking Tom 2 is a great upgrade to the original app. Now, there are all-new mini-games and Tom also raises a pet of his own. Throughout the game, you’ll be able to unlock all four of Tom’s pets and watch them grow. This app is absolutely fun and humerus to play which makes it fun for everyone in the family. You can download the app for free or you can also purchase a monthly subscription to have access to all the best features in Talking Tom 2.


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