Gardenscapes Mobile App Review

The gardenscapes app is a mobile game where you complete tasks in order to make the garden of your mansion orderly and beautiful, as a garden should be. Once you download gardenscapes you will have to accept a terms of service in order to play. You will also have the option to connect to your facebook account although this step is not required to begin playing.






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Mobile App Review for Gardenscapes

The Gardenscapes app starts out with an opening cinematic that introduces you to Austin, the butler of the Gardenscape home. Then you’ll enter a name upon playing, this will be the player name that you will associate with going forward.

After you are shown the mansion’s garden, you will be introduced to a game where you will begin matching colorful pieces based on what you have to collect. The goal is to match a specific colored piece with a certain amount of moves. Once you complete the level you will be rewarded coins and stars. The stars are what you use to buy things for your garden.

Upon completing the first level, you will be rewarded with a star where you will be able to buy the first thing for your garden.

You will also have other tasks to complete that are not just picking and choosing things for your garden’s view. To complete a task you must play the matching tile game to collect stars and once you complete a level you can collect the star and then complete the task at hand.

To play Gardenscapes, you don’t have to know a lot about gamin. With that in mind, Gardenscapes is a kid-friendly app with its beginner-friendly interface and cartoony graphics.

You won’t have to worry about leaving your children with this game as it has clean language and no violent imagery or displays what-so-ever.

Gardenscapes App’s Features

  • Match tiles to collect stars for tasks
  • Buy boosters to make collecting stars easier
  • Gardenscapes is beginner-friendly as there are many instructions on how to play while starting out.
  • You are able to purchase in-game boosters for harder levels
  • Cartoony and user-friendly interface that allows you to touch through menus easily


  • Beginner Player Friendly
  • Many In-game reminders as well as instructions
  • Clean UI and simple touch interface
  • Kid-Friendly App


  • Not very challenging for more advanced players, however
  • You can only collect one star per level completion
  • There are microtransactions within the game’s content

Gardenscapes Mobile App Summary

To play Gardenscapes, you can download it in the IOS or Android store as long as you have 135 megabytes of space or more on your phone’s memory drive. If you are someone that enjoys simplicity without the overcomplicated strategical gameplay that more advanced games offer, then Gardenscapes may be something you would enjoy playing. Gardescapes offers clear and crisp cartoony graphics while completed tasks to complete the garden of your mansion. You can download Gardenscapes on your designated phone’s store to fulfill the garden of your dreams.


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