Farm Heroes Saga Mobile App Review

If you want a game that both you and your children can play together, you need Farm Heroes Saga. It’s about a raccoon that’s out stealing cropsies from the farms. The goal is to match three cropsies and collect to get to other levels within the game.

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App Description

When looking at the Farm Heroes app, there is a blue background with little cute and colorful vegetables such as a strawberry, carrot, and a beet. This is what appeals to children when it comes to having fun. It’s not violent or full of gore, which makes Farley Heroes Saga an appropriate game for them. There are many levels and adventures to go on and conquer. Also, there are puzzles to solve and points to earn as well as crops to collect. You can make this a family game where everyone is connected and can play together or have their own game set up to where they can play by themselves.

The same company that made Candy Crush is the same company that made this game and its a winner. Farm Heroes Saga is very popular. So it shouldn’t surprise you or anyone else to see it on nearly everyone’s mobile phone as a favorite pass time. With the amount of action you get from start to finish, you will never be bored. Stopping Rancin Raccoon is the ultimate goal but he has some tricks that will keep you on your toes as you move through each level.

The Features Of The App

There are a host of features that this game has that makes Farm Heroes Saga very enjoyable. You are going to love what they do and how you are able to get to the other levels. So in getting acquainted with the features they include:

  • Earning extra points in hero mode
  • Different puzzles and levels to beat with more being added every other week
  • Activating The Farm Club by winning magic beans
  • Game features that unlock once you connect to the internet
  • You get rechargeable boosters to help with the harder levels

The Farm Heroes app is very bright and colorful. It’s just intersecting to look at as well as play. Having those features makes it even better.

Pros And Cons

When you download Farm Heroes, you will see that there is much to like a little this app. Most people enjoy every aspect of it because it’s fun and challenging at the same time. You can fall in love with it as well. Of course, there may be something that has you reserved from downloading it. When it comes to exploring the likes and dislikes this is what it entails:


  • There is a leaderboard where you can watch where your competition stands
  • There are many interesting levels
  • You get several different items to play with at each level


  • There are in-app purchases you have to make although most of the game is free

You want to download Farm Heroes because it’s not like other boring games. This one will keep your attention. Having a mobile game you can lean on when you are bored is understandable. The Farm Heroes app takes care of that.


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