World Series of Poker Mobile App Review

The World Series Of Poker (WSOP) is one of the most famous events in all of gaming, so it's quite appropriate that the WSOP brand has one of the world's most popular mobile poker apps in its portfolio. When you download WSOP Poker for your smartphone or tablet, you can develop your poker skills with a variety of skill challenges and exciting gameplay modes.

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The World Series Of Poker Comes To Mobile: A Deep Review Of The App

The app has some pretty innovative features, including anonymous tables, poker leagues, and multiple forms of poker for you to play. Whether you’re a Texas Hold ‘Em buff or prefer Pot Limit Omaha, the WSOP app lets you sharpen your skills at the table against likeminded poker enthusiasts around the world.

It’s absolutely free to download and play the WSOP app, and the game is available on both iOS and Android.


  • Free Starting Stack Refills – If you’re new to poker, you don’t ever have to worry about running out of chips. With the game’s signature Automatic Reload feature, you can top your stack up every few hours to stay in action throughout the day.
  • World Series Of Poker Bracelet Prizes – Use the app to compete for the same prizes as all of your favorite poker pros. You can enter tournaments, work your way down to the final table, and claim the World Series Of Poker Bracelet.
  • Statistical Tracking – Everybody wants to get the perfect read on their opponents, and now you can do it too. With the app’s statistical tracking engine, you can easily figure out how often your adversaries make raises, try and pull off big bluffs, and more. You can also track your own tendencies to make sure that you aren’t playing too predictably.


  • This game is the official app of the WSOP, so it offers a lot of features that other poker apps aren’t able to. For example, this is the only app where you can compete for the official WSOP Bracelet set of prizes. In addition, the brand behind the software helps encourage a lot of users to download the WSOP app. That helps make sure that you always have a lot of other players to play poker with.
  • The app doesn’t just throw you in there to compete without letting you build your skillset first. It gives you the option to go through detailed poker tutorials to make sure that you are ready for competition.
  • You can play anonymously to make sure that opponents aren’t able to track you and pick up your tendencies.
  • Even if you lose your bankroll, the app offers you free refills every several hours to help you get back in the game.


  • The gameplay inside of this app does have a few glitches. When you are playing on your phone, the app may sometimes freeze. It can be frustrating when this happens in the middle of a hand.
  • There are a fair amount of advertisements that show up throughout the app. You may find this annoying, especially if you are looking for an app without any ads.


Competing in the WSOP is every poker enthusiast’s dream, and this app lets you live that fantasy in spades. Simply put, this is the best poker app available for beginners and experts alike. Download this app to play the WSOP today.


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