UNO! Mobile App Review

Card games are super fun. Up until recently, the only way to get a good card game in was with a face to face friend. That is all fun but sometimes you just need a card game in the middle of the night or very early in the morning and you can't quite locate a friend that is crazy enough to play with you at that random time. Be glad that some very innovative and creative person had the idea to make a card game on an app so that you can play a game whenever you feel the urge not matter where you are or what time it is. You can be alone in the tub and decide that it would be extremely relaxing to play a little UNO. If this sounds even remotely close to some of your urges and feelings about the game you should download UNO and start playing.






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Play UNO

To play UNO on your phone will bring about the realization that it is ideal for the types of people mentioned before should take advantage of the app in their app store. We don’t always have a friend on the same page as we are who desires a random game but this app allows us the ability to connect with people all across the world and engage in a fun game of UNO. There are many opportunities to play in tournaments and win rewards if you download UNO. This app also is free to play and can take you far into the UNO universe where you can send chat messages or leave voice messages for the people you are playing. You will find that this app far surpasses the other similar apps.

UNO App Features

There are several features to this app. Look below to find a list of some of those features:

  • Offers many in-app purchase options.
  • It comes in ten languages.
  • Several additional themes that are seasonal related.
  • Special events to join.
  • Has a social media aspect.

UNO App Pros

There are many pros to this app. Find a list of some of the most significant pros to using this app:

  • It provides many bonuses that do not cost any additional money.
  • Augmented reality mode.
  • It offers ways to chat with friends and share success.

UNO App Cons

There are not many cons found for this app, but of the ones found, we have included a shortlist of the most important ones:

  • Some of the in-app purchase are fairly expensive as compared to other similar games.
  • Using purchased coins seems to go a lot faster compared to earned coins.

Get This App TODAY!

This app has great graphics and really makes you feel like you are playing a game of UNO. As I began to play the game, my skills were not so great, but with the rules embedded in the game, I soon found myself getting better and becoming a more formattable opponent because the app would not let me make wrong rules and it even helped me learn to strategize. I am nowhere near the playing abilities of the top players on this game but by being able to play with different people with differing skills, I can tell that I am gaining on them. You should download this app and play UNO with friends or random people. Either way, you will find it fun and relaxing all at the same time.


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