Pinochle Classic Mobile App Review

A great pinochle app can give you hours of entertaining mobile play, and Pinochle Classic pulls out all of the stops to make sure that you have as much pinochle action as you can possibly handle. This can be a tough game to learn, but the Pinochle Classic app has detailed tutorials to help you develop skills as you play.

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A Classic Pinochle Game For iOS & Android

When you download Pinochle Classic, you gain access to the app’s proprietary artificial intelligence engine to help you analyze your hands in the middle of the game. You can tap the screen to receive a friendly hint on what to do next, or you can opt to use your judgment and see what happens. Even if you are an experienced pinochle player, you can download Pinochle Classic to compete against some pretty advanced computer opponents.


  • Multiple Decks – Introduce a second deck to the game to make this pinochle app even more challenging. You can team up with other players for all kinds of exciting action.
  • In-Game Analysis – You don’t need to be a pro to play pinochle on this app. Whenever you feel stuck, just use the app’s signature gameplay engine to help you through your turn. You can ask for feedback on your overall strategy, or receive an explicit hint to help you win the game.
  • Three Levels Of Difficulty – Start off on the easiest difficulty setting to get a feel for this app. When you feel comfortable, ramp up the intensity and take on more difficult computerized adversaries.
  • Customized Gameplay Settings – If you have a favorite pinochle variation, you can customize the app’s gameplay settings to toggle between different scoring systems. You can also decide on what score is needed to win the game, you can set the minimum bid, and you can even choose whether or not your opponents are able to undo their last move. There are tons of rule variations to choose from. Try them all to create a new version of this classic card game.


  • You can combine different rules to create new subgames and keep the app interesting. In addition, you can adjust the speed of the game to be faster or slower.
  • Pinochle has some pretty complex rules, but this pinochle app can cut your learning curve pretty dramatically. The app helps you analyze your strategy before you make a mistake. You can also use the artificial intelligence engine to evaluate where you stand in the middle of a game. This makes it easy to adjust your strategy and build your confidence when you need to change things up.


  • All of the ads can interrupt the gameplay quite a bit. You can download Pinochle Classic for free, but you’ll run into a lot of display ads as you play.
  • You may feel that the computerized opponents are too tough, especially if you are new to the game. The easiest difficulty settings are still fairly challenging, and you may want to start off with a more beginner-friendly app.


It’s always great to pull your smartphone or tablet out and play pinochle when you have a spare minute to kill. With a full suite of training material to help you get started, you can trust the Pinochle Classic app whenever you’re in the mood for a quick game.


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