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Card games require a good bit of skill if you are playing face to face with someone or a group of people. It definitely requires you to know the rules and have the ability to strategize. For decades now, card games have been unsuccessful in person if the person lacks these skills or at least a person to teach them the rules and how to play. With as much fun as card games offer, they can be stressful if you are confused about how it works and for that reason sometimes an app is the best option for learning how to play, getting better and gaining knowledge about the game, or showing off some of the skills that you already possess.

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Hearts + Card Game

The free Hearts game is one of the best of its kind because it will help anyone learn to play at their own pace and with their own level of previous skill. This app will begin to help with strategizing and correct the player when wrong in order to keep them from making an illegal move. This comes in handy when the player would like to take his or her new ability to play hearts and translate it into a face to face game of hearts.

Downloading Hearts Card Game will pair you with friends or other players who may be looking for opponents. Having the ability to interact with others is an advantage because you can learn game tactics by watching how they play. Another great part of learning to play this game is that you can play at your own speed, stop or discontinue a game when you no longer want to play, or even start multiple games at the same time.

Free Hearts Game Features

This download has the following features:

  • Available in English.
  • Only 75.2MB in size.
  • Has computer play options.
  • Free tutorial in order to learn the game.

Hearts Card Game Pros

This download comes jam-packed with pros. The following list is of the most important:

  • This app allows for conversation with other players in a social setting.
  • You can stop the game at any time and it will automatically save.
  • This game gives players scores so that they can see who wins.

Hearts Card Game Cons

This download does not have many cons to downloading, but of those found, there is a list constructed below:

  • This app is noted for being difficult to locate other players in order to play against them.
  • This game has too many ads in the game.

Download This Mobile App

Playing Hearts on a smart device can be very fulfilling. This game will allow you to match up with some of the best players and mark achievements and gain statistics about your playing. This game is free to download and brings fun for countless hours daily without purchasing anything else to go along with the original installation. The app creates a realistic feel as the graphics and cards are very realistic in nature. It also has tutorials that can teach you how to play at any level. You will love the option to play an opponent or play against the computer. No matter the choice, the game gets intense and you are destined to enjoy the experience. I recommend a downloading Free Hearts Card Game immediately so that you can have a blast.


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