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  • World Series of Poker

    The World Series Of Poker (WSOP) is one of the most famous events in all of gaming, so it's quite appropriate that the WSOP brand has one of the world's most popular mobile poker apps in its portfolio. When you download WSOP Poker for your smartphone or tablet, you can develop your poker skills with a variety of skill challenges and exciting gameplay modes.
  • UNO!

    Card games are super fun. Up until recently, the only way to get a good card game in was with a face to face friend. That is all fun but sometimes you just need a card game in the middle of the night or very early in the morning and you can't quite locate a friend that is crazy enough to play with you at that random time. Be glad that some very innovative and creative person had the idea to make a card game on an app so that you can play a game whenever you feel the urge not matter where you are or what time it is. You can be alone in the tub and decide that it would be extremely relaxing to play a little UNO. If this sounds even remotely close to some of your urges and feelings about the game you should download UNO and start playing.
  • Spades Plus

    A good game of cards has been a therapeutic outlet for so many of us. Many can enjoy a card game during a party, family game night, or during a wind down period to relax. For years, there has been no technology associated with the act and for some, they were not interested because of that simple fact. The simplicity of cards is so invigorating to some but a negative to others. The Spades Mobile App has found a creative way to join the two and make it appealing to people of all interests.
  • Pinochle Classic

    A great pinochle app can give you hours of entertaining mobile play, and Pinochle Classic pulls out all of the stops to make sure that you have as much pinochle action as you can possibly handle. This can be a tough game to learn, but the Pinochle Classic app has detailed tutorials to help you develop skills as you play.
  • Hearts +

    Card games require a good bit of skill if you are playing face to face with someone or a group of people. It definitely requires you to know the rules and have the ability to strategize. For decades now, card games have been unsuccessful in person if the person lacks these skills or at least a person to teach them the rules and how to play. With as much fun as card games offer, they can be stressful if you are confused about how it works and for that reason sometimes an app is the best option for learning how to play, getting better and gaining knowledge about the game, or showing off some of the skills that you already possess.
  • Gin Rummy Plus

    Gin Rummy is a very popular card game that has been played around kitchen and card tables for generations. Those that love to play this game should consider downloading an application that will allow them to play on their phone or tablet as well. One great app that will allow you to play this game anywhere is Gin Rummy Plus.
  • Euchre 3D

    With a talented team of outstanding graphics designers, Euchre 3D seems to have set the standard when it comes to three-dimensional mobile card games on both Android and iOS.

Showing all 7 results