Rolling Sky Mobile App Review

How would you like playing a game where you go through obstacle courses with a ball and try to finish the finish line? There is a mobile game where you can do just that and it is called the Rolling Sky App. For this review, I will be discussing the facts that make this game unique.

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Mobile App Review for Rolling Sky
The Rolling Sky App was developed by the Cheetah Technology Corporation Limited. Cheetah first began in November 2010 under the leadership of Fu Sheng. To begin with, Cheetah was known to develop mobile tools that perform extensive production to the customers’ devices. After a considerable while, the successful company started to develop mobile games which typically include Rolling Sky. In the present circumstances, Rolling Sky is a ball game where you have to overcome the challenges that are ahead of you. Your primary duty is to bypass obstacles that will prevent you from reaching the finish line. You can handle the ball to dodge, jump, or turn every segment of the obstacle course. While you undergo all of that jumping and dodging, you will also be collecting diamonds that add on to your scoreboard. Every obstacle course includes a musical story where you will be developing music while to undergo the course. The more obstacles that you are able to bypass, the more rhythm you naturally create in the instrumental music. Listening to music institutes the game to be just as fun as playing the game.

Cool Features

  • Creative Graphics
  • Only One Touchscreen Control
  • Unlock Multiple Gaming Scenes.
  • Improve Your Fast Thinking Skills.
  • Avoid Traps With Four Different Moves.
  • Create An Intense Musical Story For Each Match.


  • Great Challenges
  • Simple Game To Play
  • Unprecedented Courses
  • Incredible 3D Graphics
  • Awesome Musical Soundtracks
  • Download Rolling Sky For Free
  • Great Game To Play While Offline
  • Great Game To Test Your Critical Thinking Skills
  • Instrumental Music Is Really Relaxing And Peaceful.


  • Minor Bugs In The Game
  • Too Many Excessive Ads
  • No Respawning Available
  • A Money-Hungry Gaming App
  • The Game Can Be Frustrating
  • Cost Money To Remove Ads Permanently
  • Requires Over 200 Megabytes Of Data Storage
  • Uneasy To Close Ads While In The Middle Of A Course


As I properly finish up this review, I have a few thoughts for you consider before you wisely decide to download Rolling Sky. This mobile app is a fun and addicting app for people who like to improve their critical analytical skills. This game is sufficiently similar to Tap Tap Dash And Speedball except Rolling Sky develops peaceful musical stories while you play the game. The musical stories in this game are absolutely brilliant, and the action is very intense. Sure the ad pop-ups can be very disturbing, but so many apps in the marketplace have the same issue. However, if you remain the type of person who can deal with ad pop-ups, then I believe you will not have a problem engaging in this game. If you can handle rolling a ball and make it through every obstacle course, then this mobile app will remain a fun game for you to play.


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