Mahjong Titan Mobile App Review

This particular review will be providing information about the Mahjong Titans Mobile App. This is a matching game that involves matching mahjongg. It is a fun, high-quality, and relaxing game to play that includes over 1500 boards to play on.

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Mobile App Review for Mahjong Titan

The Mahjong App was made by Kristanix Games. Kristanix Games is a small company in Norwegian that focuses on creating games for certain devices. Their goal is to keep the games simple and fun at the same time. This app is from 2015, and it still ranks 4.6 out of five on both Google Play Store and Amazon while it is ranked 4.7 at the Apple App Store. The Mahjong App games are also some of the most played games on the planet.

The way the game is played is by looking for certain tiles on the board and have a collection of matched sets found. The goal is to match all of the tiles before you run out of options. The trick to beating the game is to know which tiles to collect first since most of the tiles are stacked up randomly. Some tiles will be harder to collect if they cannot be freed from certain stacks. This game is all about strategy and knowing what moves to make first.


  • Complete Tasks
  • High-Class Graphics
  • 12 Creative Backgrounds To Choose From
  • Play A New Board Daily
  • More Than 1500 Boards To Play On

App Pros

  • Lovely Designs
  • You Can Change The Board Size
  • A Relaxing Game To Play
  • A Fun Strategic Game
  • A Stress-Free Game

App Cons

  • Android App Crashes
  • Video Ad Pop-Ups Are Annoying
  • Have To Accept Policy

To conclude, here is a summary that is based on why people should download Mahjong Titans.

Mahjong Titans is a strategic game that involves collecting all of the matched set of different designed tiles without running out of moves. When you download Mahjong Titans, it will not cost you a penny and you must have at least 173 Megabytes of data storage space in your device. After you do this, you get to experience a relaxing game that can help you use your brain a little bit. This app is an active way to create strategic outlooks of the game so you can match up every single tile without failure.

Personally, I enjoy playing this game very much. To me, the best time to play this game is when you are either laying in bed or chilling on the couch. The music in the app reminds me of hearing the mediational type of music. I like some good music that helps me relax my mind and my thoughts. There’s also great graphics and a good gameplay set up. Once you know how to play the game, executing a strategy comes naturally. This game can be very addictive, but not to where I will play it more than working. I like challenges and strategically speaking, the tasks that appear on each game makes the game much more intense to play.


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