Chess Free Mobile App Review

Chess is one of those traditional board games that lends itself particularly well to a mobile device, and the right app can make chess fun and entertaining to play while you are on your phone or tablet. The Free Chess app is an attractive zero-cost option for anybody who wants to improve their chess knowledge today.

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Chess Free Offers A Different Take On Mobile Chess

Chess Free combines cutting-edge AI with detailed teaching methods to make sure that you are able to challenge yourself as much as you would like. This free chess app has several levels of difficulty. This guarantees that you’ll always be able to find the proper opponent to match your current level of skill. You can play against your friends from inside the app, or repeatedly challenge the computer. This might be a totally free program, but it’s definitely not lightweight. To download Chess Free, you can get the app in the Apple App Store or on Google Play today.


  • 10+ Difficulty Levels – Levels rank from beginner all of the way to the Grandmaster level.
  • In-Game Tutoring – Learn how to stop and dissect the proper move while you are playing. With this feature, you’ll be able to consult the computer while you’re playing and see recommendations for moves.
  • Transparent Chess A.I. – Unlike other chess apps on the market, the Chess Free app lets you peek inside the artificial intelligence engine to see how the computerized opponents are making their decisions.


  • There’s no need to pay for anything because this is a completely free chess app. All of the features are fully unlocked from the beginning, and there are no subscription fees. Other chess apps come with hidden charges, but this is very transparent about the fact that it’s free.
  • The wide variety of difficulty levels make it easy for you to progress through tougher opponents as you improve.
  • This app has detailed tutorials on every aspect of chess strategy that you can think of.
  • Use the in-game tutor feature to show you which piece the app thinks you should move.
  • When it comes to the artificial intelligence engine on the computer that you are playing against, some chess apps are a black box. This app is quite different, as it lets you see how the computer decides each specific move against you.
  • The graphics are crisp, and the three-dimensional board option can make the game more engaging.


  • If you haven’t played chess before, all of the rules can be a bit overwhelming. The app does its best to help you build your chess skills from the ground up, but it does assume that you have at least a little prior knowledge.
  • There is a bit of a learning curve for learning how to properly analyze your games after you have played them. The app has lots of options to help you in this regard, but you’ll need to read through a few parts of the software documentation to help you figure out what’s going on.
  • Some people find that the easiest difficulty levels are a bit too easy.


There is definitely no shortage of mobile chess apps on the market today competing for your attention today, but the Chess Free app definitely brings something unique to the mix. When you download Chess Free, you’re getting a great combination of dedicated chess coaching and attractive gameplay to boot.


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