Checkers Free Mobile App Review

The checkers free game on the App Store has managed to take a familiar, beloved game and bring it to your phone all in a well designed, aesthetic way. It stays true to the original concept while also creating a user-friendly, unique experience of an app all at once.

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Checkers on the App Store – An In-Depth Review

While many would think that the game checkers could not be made any difference, it is actually quite interesting just how much an app’s specific graphics and features can make a game even better than before. This checkers app does just that and grabs the attention of the user by making a familiar game interesting again. It features multiple game modes that liven up the experience and you even have the option of playing over the internet. This allows users to get lost in the game for up to hours at a time.

There are only so many ways to change a concept such as checkers but this app pushes those limits. The additions are just enough to make a simple game still simple but somehow more fun. Few competitors have been able to do that with this game and if you are looking for a mobile version of checkers, this is the clear winner of the category.


  • Unlimited access to endless checkers games.
  • Options for one player, two-player as well as network game modes.
  • Customization of sound and certain rules to make the experience better for every individual user.
  • Up to 16 simultaneous network games with opponents.
  • Configurable player names and easily understandable score tracking.
  • Undo option on local games.
  • Automatically saves your games when you leave the app for any reason.


  • Free to play games with endless opportunities in order to play and practice checkers.
  • Network functionality allows you to test your skills against people all over the world.
  • The automatic save feature protects you from losing progress if something else comes up during a game.


  • Checkers is only so entertaining and the app involves only checkers gameplay.
  • The interface is very simple with few opportunities for customization.

If you are interested in playing checkers on your phone or just doing something to pass the time, you should download checkers free on the App Store. The game is one of the most popular on the planet for a reason and this app brings that popularity to your phone. When you download checkers free on the App Store, you gain access to unlimited free games to better your skills or just simply enjoy the game. Play with friends or alone and either way you will have a wonderful time on this well designed aesthetic app.


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