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  • Tic Tac Toe

    Some apps aren't always going to be mindblowing and unique for people to try out; in fact, it's fine to have some apps remain simple yet effective. Could apps based on basic games make for a worthwhile app to kill time? Perhaps the free Tic Tac Toe game provided by Optime Software LLC could determine if it's worth it or not.
  • The Game of Life

    Based on the classic board game, the Game of Life mobile app explores a three-dimensional board of actions and consequences. You can navigate your path the way you want, with detours, unexpected (and sometimes costly) events, and finally a comfortable retirement. Choose your character, spin, move, and live your life.
  • Rolling Sky

    How would you like playing a game where you go through obstacle courses with a ball and try to finish the finish line? There is a mobile game where you can do just that and it is called the Rolling Sky App. For this review, I will be discussing the facts that make this game unique.
  • Mahjong Titan

    This particular review will be providing information about the Mahjong Titans Mobile App. This is a matching game that involves matching mahjongg. It is a fun, high-quality, and relaxing game to play that includes over 1500 boards to play on.
  • Happy Color

    Let your creative side come to life when you download the Happy Color app. There are dozens of designs to choose from as well as special themes for holidays. All of the colors of the rainbow are available to choose from as you complete your picture with just a tap of your finger.
  • Fleet Battle - Sea Battle

    The Fleet Battle app is similar to the classic board game where you attempt to sink your opponent’s fleet of ships. In fact, it’s basically played the exact same way. It requires you to use different strategies to try to find your opponent’s ships and take them all out. The more ships you take out, the higher you move up in rank.
  • Chess Free

    Chess is one of those traditional board games that lends itself particularly well to a mobile device, and the right app can make chess fun and entertaining to play while you are on your phone or tablet. The Free Chess app is an attractive zero-cost option for anybody who wants to improve their chess knowledge today.
  • Checkers Free

    The checkers free game on the App Store has managed to take a familiar, beloved game and bring it to your phone all in a well designed, aesthetic way. It stays true to the original concept while also creating a user-friendly, unique experience of an app all at once.
  • Bingo Blitz

    Bingo has become an exciting and challenging game. No one sits idly at the table waiting to jump and scream ‘BINGO’. Instead, you travel from city to city collecting shadows to complete each group. When you finish, you are rewarded with Blitz credits which allow you to move on.
  • Backgammon Live

    Have you ever wanted to play the game of Backgammon on your phone or tablet? If not, then be part of the biggest Backgammon Industry in the World! Well, In this review, I am going to take the time to discuss the Backgammon Live App.

Showing all 10 results