ZigZag Mobile App Review

How would you like to play a game that merely involves delivering a ball to the finish line? With this ZigZag game, you will be able to do just that in multiple zigzag obstacle courses. For this review, I will be talking about the Zig Zag Mobile Game.






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Mobile App Review for ZigZag (Ketchapp)
This ZigZag game was established by Ketchapp which remains a platform that helps promote people’s mobile gaming apps. This game has a 4.1 rating at the Apple App Store and a 4.3 rating at the Google Play Store. The key purpose of this game is simple: get through every obstacle course without falling out of the course. It is that straightforward. When new users download zigzag, they will learn the obstacle course is at a beginner level so the users can learn how the game is played. Therefore, as the user continues playing, each level gets more and more difficult. There is only one touchscreen control and it just changes the direction of the ball that you use to get through each obstacle course with. Along the way, each level contains gems that you can collect as you reach the finish line. The more gems you collect, the higher your score will end up being. As might be expected, collecting the gems doesn’t mean much when you cannot prevent the ball from falling off the obstacle course.


  • Colorful 2D Animations
  • Remove Ads For A Price.
  • Available For Ages 4 And Up
  • A Fun Game For The Entire Family
  • Only One Touchscreen Control Feature
  • Earn Extra Points By Collecting Gems.
  • Simplest Obstacle Course Game On The Market


  • Beautiful Graphics
  • A Fun And Simple Game To Play
  • A Great Game To Play During Downtime
  • Can Be Played With Or Without Internet
  • Touchscreen Controls Works Really Well
  • Download ZigZag Game Without Paying A Dime
  • One Of The Best Games That Ketchapp Has Ever Made
  • The Game Can Be Very Addictive, But Still Enjoyable
  • You Can Share Your Score To Your Buddies On Social Media
  • The Game Helps You Work With Your Mind Through Concentration


  • Ball Speed Is Too Fast
  • Cost Money To Remove Ads
  • No Tutorial Level Available
  • Ad Pop-ups Are Very Annoying
  • Mobile App Is Old And Has Not Updated Yet
  • Ads Still Appear After Paying For Ad Removal
  • Still Recommends Paying For The Ad Removal After Paying For It
  • Android Version Glitches And Crashes More Than The Apple Version


This ZigZag Mobile game is an arcade-like old-school game. All you have to do is Zig Zagging your creative way to the finish line without promptly falling off the course. This mobile game can be engaged in by anyone who is four years old or older. Ad pop-ups will appear prominently but can be respectfully removed by paying for it. If you are someone who likes to play a simple arcade game that will kill time, then this Zig Zag Mobile App would presumably be the superb game for you to download and play.


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