Vector Mobile App Review

Vector is an arcade running game that is mainly loved by the kids. Nekki created the game and was released in 2010. It is a fantastic game that can be played in all versions of phones ranging from iOS, Android, Apple, iPad, and even Microsoft. It is a free game that you ought to use your data playing it, and there are no charges that you will incur while playing it.






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About the App

Vector app game, as stated earlier, involves running. Yes, when playing the game, you will have to keep paddling hooves, using techniques to climb, slide, and vault. The techniques are based on the well-known urban sport, Parkour. First, and for most, the game has twenty very challenging levels, and you will find it exciting, finishing the levels. Run from a silhouette chasing you and see how far you can get. When you download Vector, there is a video that appears in the introduction. The video reveals the story behind the game, and you’ll understand why you’re trying to run away.

As you’re running, you’re “Big Brother”, continues to chase you. Make the escape from your chaser, or face getting thrown back in jail and lose the game. It is up to you to sprint faster, climb, slide, and vent until you finished the first level. Then you advance to the next level, which is more challenging. You will have to do the same as you did on the previous level but this time you ought to improve your techniques. The game continues that way until you reach the final level.

Features of Vector App

  • Twenty levels – the game comes with twenty fairly challenging levels, so it’s up to you to use your skills and conquer the levels. As you will be starting playing the game, it will be tricky for you, but as time goes by, you will get to be a Guru.
  • It is realistic – the game is not too fake even though it is entertainment. Inspired by Parkour, the game carries an action-packed element to it which gives off a realistic feel. Cascade tools have been used to make movements possible.
  • It is a single-player game – designed to be played by a single player, and you cannot play it as a team. Maybe if you will be having your friend beside you helping you which direction and move to take.


  • Quick to learn the game
  • Mimics real-life movements of Parkour practitioners
  • Offers more elaborate animations
  • Free to download
  • Compatible with all mobile devices


  • It has challenging levels
  • No multi-player mode

Why You Should Download Vector Game

You should play vector and experience how exciting the game is. The vector app also helps your kid by boosting his or her concentration. If you would like to play vector, visit the app store or play store in order to download the game today!


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